A Video Depicts Joker-Costumed Diddy Engaging in A Heated Exchange with 'power' Star Michael J. Ferguson.

A Video Depicts Joker-Costumed Diddy Engaging in A Heated Exchange with ‘Power’ Star Michael J. Ferguson.

Diddy’s Halloween was exciting, as he painted the town red in Heath Ledger’s Joker costume.

The entire weekend was filled with videos of Diddy in full character, including one in which he appeared to engage in a heated discussion with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson.

Ferguson, who portrays 2-Bit in Power, is heard calling Diddy a “pussy” in the video, prompting Diddy to giggle in a Joker-inspired manner before calling Ferguson a “clown.”

The two then traded stronger remarks, with Diddy asking Ferguson why he had a problem with him. “What’s up, sweetie? You dislike me?” he asks in the video footage. “Then motherf***ing do it, ni**a. If you don’t like me, you’re playing the motherfucking game. Get to work, chick. Do not play with me at Halloween. I’m out here with you in mind, n***a.”

It appears like Ferguson has no idea with whom he is dealing, as Diddy continues to criticize him. “You fuckwit, make sure you never speak to me like that again,” he says. “We’re enjoying ourselves. Why are you coming at me in such a manner? Did you get a problem? You’re definitely draining my energy right now. What have I done wrong? Do you recognize me?”

Diddy informs Ferguson his name is “Puff” before the two embraces. “You’re fortunate because I’m very into that,” he continued, to which Ferguson answered, “So am I.” Then, Diddy invited him to an afterparty and advised him “adjust his vibration.”

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After The Shade Room released the video, Diddy explained in the comments that there is no hatred between the two men. “Had a fun night. All is love, he wrote. “Hugged as Black kings ought to do when confronted with a load of hogwash. Love love love.”

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