After a Heated Argument, a Fan of Virat Kohli Fatally Stabs a Rohit Sharma Fan in Tamil Nadu!

After a Heated Argument, a Fan of Virat Kohli Fatally Stabs a Rohit Sharma Fan in Tamil Nadu!

While cricket has a large fan base in India, some diehard supporters of their favorite players have been known to resort to violent or criminal behavior, as was the case on Tuesday night in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Two cricket enthusiasts apparently got into a heated argument over who was the better player, and one of them ended up stabbing the other to death in Poyyur village, Ariyalur district.

On Thursday, police detained a 21-year-old guy on suspicion of murdering his friend during a dispute over which Indian cricketers, Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli, are more talented. One of them was killed as their argument escalated into a fight.

Police in Keelapalur says that Vignesh, a supporter of Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma, has been killed. On Tuesday night he was reportedly having a conversation about cricket with his friend Dharmaraj, a fan of Virat Kohli, in public space close to the SIDCO Industrial Estate in the town of Mallur.

Both of them were drunk. Police have stated that their preliminary inquiry has led them to believe that Vignesh supported the Mumbai Indians of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and that Dharmaraj supported the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

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After a Heated Argument, a Fan of Virat Kohli Fatally Stabs a Rohit Sharma Fan in Tamil Nadu!

Vignesh had allegedly made fun of RCB and Virat Kohli over the course of their dispute. Dharmaraj, who stammered, often found himself the target of Vignesh’s body shaming. He had made some comments that day equating the RCB squad’s linguistic challenges with those of Dharmaraj.

Dharmaraj became enraged and smashed a bottle over Vignesh’s head before hitting him with a cricket bat. Dharmaraj “quickly left the scene,” authorities added.

The media reports that Vignesh’s death was discovered on Wednesday morning by SIDCO manufacturing employees, who then called the police.

After filing charges against Dharmaraj, the police transferred Vignesh’s body to the Ariyalur government hospital for an autopsy.

Meanwhile, two of India’s greatest cricketing legends are already in Australia for the Twenty20 World Cup. Before their first encounter against Pakistan on October 23, India will face Australia and New Zealand in two warm-up matches.

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