After 3 Decades, Kashmir Will Finally Have Their Own Multiplex Theatres!

After 3 Decades, Kashmir Will Finally Have Their Own Multiplex Theatres!

As a resident of Srinagar, Ashiq Ahmad has been waiting 32 years for the launch of Kashmir’s first multiplex in the Pulwama and Sonawar neighborhood, but he thinks his wait is finally ended.

I always made it a point to take my family to the movies whenever we vacationed somewhere other than Kashmir. Ashiq, who longs for the day when he may once again see a movie at a cinema in Kashmir and think back to the good old days, remarked that the reintroduction of cinema would surely address the problem of a lack of leisure options in the region.

The 50-year-old guy stated he had been keeping up with the progress of prominent businessman Vijay Dhar’s intentions to open Kashmir’s first multiplex ever since they were made public.

He cried, “I think the wait is finally over!”

The cinema will officially open to the public on Tuesday with a special screening of Aamir Khan’s “Lal Singh Chaddha,” according to Dhar, who also operates a reputable private school in the area.

After Nearly 32 Years, Srinagar's Sonawar and Pulwama Neighborhoods Will Finally Get Their Own Multiplex Theatre!

On September 30, regular screenings of Vikram Vedha, starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, will begin. He told Greater Kashmir, “On Tuesday, a restricted audience will be shown the Lal Singh Chaddha film.”

On Tuesday, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha will open the “Inox” cinema complex in Srinagar.

The multiplex was a joint effort between the Dhar family and INOX, one of the largest film distributors and theatre chains in the country.

Dhar stated that all the necessary steps had been taken and that Kashmir’s first multiplex would be opened on September 20 with the debut showing of the Hrithik Roshan film Vikram Vedha on September 30.

Going to the movies in a theatre would return after a thirty-year hiatus thanks to this multiplex.

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After Nearly 32 Years, Srinagar's Sonawar and Pulwama Neighborhoods Will Finally Get Their Own Multiplex Theatre!

There are at least 520 seats available between the three theatres at this complex’s multiplex.

All new state-of-the-art audio systems, expertly built, have been installed.

Teenagers would flock to the multiplex because of all the restaurants and arcade games available there.

According to Dhar, bringing back the movies to Kashmir was done so that future generations might enjoy the same forms of media that are widely available everywhere in India.

In order to provide amusement for everyone, I have written this. That’s why it’s important for us to ensure the happiness of our kids. They should also yell and scream. There’s nothing to do here besides watch sports and eat,” he lamented.

There are 520 seats available in the three auditoriums of the INOX-designed multiplex. Dhar remarked, “We put in Dolby sound systems so that the music sounds even better.”

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Dhar stated that traditional Kashmiri craftsmanship, such as papier-mâché and Khatamband ceiling, would be incorporated into the design of the multiplex alongside modern conveniences.

He predicted that ethnic restaurants will be featured as examples of local cuisine in food courts.

We made major changes to the layout and added Kashmiri details along with state-of-the-art infrastructure. “We also intend to promote and develop local food businesses in the hopes of growing the demand for our regional cuisine,” Dhar stated. Our company will be managed by competent natives. It is crucial that we spread awareness of the Kashmiri name.

Before the terrorism in the region, Kashmir was one of the most popular filming locations due to its lush landscapes and snowy mountains, saving Bollywood studios a lot of money and time compared to traveling outside.

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The Jammu and Kashmir Film Development Council (JKFDC) has launched a number of programs to market the state as a premier location for the production of movies, TV series, and other forms of screen-based media.

Included in the list of deliverables for incentive filmmakers is the adoption of the Jammu and Kashmir Film Development Council logo, with verification of this inclusion included in the subsidy paperwork.

In accordance with the Film Policy, the J&K government has been compiling and improving a list of potential filming locations that are both beautiful and suitable for making movies.

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