Chat GPT: Scary Stories Show How Useful It Can Be as A Creative Tool

Chat GPT: Scary Stories Show How Useful It Can Be as A Creative Tool

This week, Chat GPT has been making horror story summaries, and some of them sound really good. It shows that AI could be a never-ending source of great ideas for artists, writers, and people who make TV shows and movies.

Copying is an important part of being creative. Copying and making changes. Students of art might sit on the floor of a museum and copy paintings and statues. Most singers learn to play the songs of other artists.

Then, after taking in what they’ve learned, they use what they’ve learned to make new drawings or songs. AI works the same way as humans, but it doesn’t have the creative spark that changes things. So, wouldn’t it make a great assistant for an artist?

“As someone who works in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), I can say that AI is more useful when it works with other people. AI technologies can be very useful tools that help people come up with new ideas.

For example, they can help come up with ideas and give more information about situations that would normally need the help of a person, Oliver Goodwin, founder and CEO of AI audio and video platform Synthesys, told Lifewire in an email.

Putting The ‘AI’ in ‘Assistant’

vCheck out this Reddit thread called “A two-sentence scary story that even AI finds scary.” It is a collection of horror stories made on ChatGPT after a group of fans of the horror writer HP Lovecraft asked for them. Even though the findings aren’t very original, they would all be great starting points for a horror story.

The news tends to focus on the finished products of these generative AI tools, even though the pictures are often a little strange (AI, like humans, has trouble drawing hands) and the text is fine, but never exciting or interesting. But AI is great at coming up with ideas quickly.

You could use it to come up with ideas for new stories or new episodes of TV shows that have been running for a long time. Songwriters like William S. Burroughs and David Bowie could use it to make verses and then cut up the text to put it in new ways.

Or you could just ask it to come up with a list of character names from a certain time period or fake addresses that look real but aren’t.

“I think AI might be able to reach the level of a ‘collaborator’ one day. One thing that ChatGPT users should keep in mind is that, even though it is a great tool, its “intelligence” is only possible because of how it was built. “In other words, how the creators’ program it has a big effect on how ChatGPT works,” poet and author R. M. S. Thornton told Lifewire in an email.

Miles Off


People who are creative are good at responding to hints and limits. If you know Miles Davis‘s Kind of Blue, you know that the players who played on it made up the music on the spot, and each song was recorded in just one take.

But if you read the back of the record cover, you’ll see that Davis wrote down ideas for each song. In the record notes, pianist Bill Evans says that “All Blues” is a set of five scales that can be played for as long as the soloist wants until the set is finished.

Davis and his collaborators took such a simple set of rules and made an amazing improvisation out of their knowledge, skill, experience, and responses to each other, as well as Davis’ prompt itself.

“AI is different because it doesn’t have the true understanding that a human creator does to be aware of these limits. So, it’s stuck artistically in a box it can’t get out of,” says Thornton.

Instead of the user’s written request being the start and the AI’s output being the end, we could think of the AI’s creation as the start and the human “output” as the end.

In this way, it’s not much different from other tools used to move the mind in a new creative direction, such as Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies, a set of cards with comments and ideas meant to get the mind out of a rut.

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