Debate Divides Twitter: How Many Doors And Wheels Are There in The World?

Twitter’s door vs. wheels poll has divided users all around the world for days after it was initially posted. An innocent question has sparked a heated online controversy as people continue to share their opinions on which is more common: wheels or doors. If so, how many wheels are produced annually over the globe? This may provide some much-needed insight into the ongoing problem.

Internet users from all across the globe have been trying to resolve a puzzling issue: which is more common, doors or wheels? People are furiously divided on this subject, with many taking sides on #teamdoors or #teamwheels.

This debate is reminiscent of 2015’s “is the dress white and gold, or blue and black?” debate. New Yorker Ryan Nixon, who uses Twitter, sparked the conversation when he shared that he and his pals had been talking about the issue behind closed doors. Ryan decided to gather some feedback from his audience, so he made a poll.

What Are The Doors vs Wheels Debate?

The question of whether the world has more doors or wheels is the newest Twitter controversy. Since New Zealander Ryan Nixon posted the poll on Twitter on March 5, 2022, the poll’s original tweet has received over 16,000 likes and over 220,000 answers. Only 46.4% of voters selected doors, while 53.6% selected wheels out of a total of 223,347 ballots cast.

There was a lot of talk on the internet about the initial tweet a few days after it was posted. The plot intensified when individuals started wondering what counts as a wheel or a door, and if they would be allowed to make exceptions for similar objects. One Twitter user posed the question, “What counts as a wheel?” Does the number of shafts matter? Gears? separate ball bearings within each bearing?’

The typical automobile has a hundred or more wheels but only a handful of doors. The trunk and glove compartment goes without saying, but what about the hood???)’. In contrast, there were many who were quite certain that wheels were the correct option.

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An individual was quoted as saying, “I am currently seated in a chair that has five double wheels (or 10 wheels if you prefer me to do the arithmetic for you) and zero doors.” In agreement, another voice asked, “Who is voting doors??? Each and every object features rolling wheels. My clothes rack, makeup organizer, and trash can all roll easily. Indisputable evidence of wheels

How Many Wheels Are Made in The World?

In 2020, around 77.9 million automobiles had been manufactured around the world. Considering the average vehicle has 5 wheels (6 if you count the spare), that works out to 389.5 million wheels every year. Every year, manufacturers create a total of 132,860,000 bicycles and 265,720,000 bicycle wheels, or an average of 364,000 bicycles every day. Over a billion bicycles and over 1.5 billion automobiles are in use today.

On top of that, every year since 2006, Lego has produced around 306 million rubber tires for its building package toys. In 2010, this number grew to an all-time high of 381 million. Multiple billions of wheels are made annually for use on bicycles, automobiles, and Lego toys.

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How Many Hot Wheels Are Made per Year

Several sources claim that since 1968, nearly six billion Hot Wheels have been sold, with an average of sixteen and a half being manufactured every second. That’s more vehicles than have been produced and sold by the three largest automakers in the United States (GM, Ford, and Chrysler).

There are only about three billion wheels in existence amongst motorcycles, automobiles, Lego toys, and Hot Wheels, despite the fact that a projected two billion toy wheels are manufactured annually. And let’s not even discuss the other wheels. Other than the wheels on cars and bikes, there are wheels on office chairs, tiny wheels in drawers, and balancing wheels in mechanical timepieces and small clocks.

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