During Harry Styles' Concert in Australia, Fans React to Him Drinking Out Of His Shoe

During Harry Styles’ Concert in Australia, Fans React to Him Drinking Out Of His Shoe

Harry Styles landed in Australia and immediately participated in a “disgusting” custom.

The “As It Was” chart-topper performed his debut Australian concert in Perth on Monday night, shocking fans by drinking from his Adidas sneaker.

Styles referred to the “shoey,” which was popularised by Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, as “one of the most horrible customs I’ve ever heard of.”

Videos obtained by fans depict the 29-year-old former member of One Direction filling his shoe with an alcoholic beverage before swallowing it in front of adoring fans.

“I feel like a whole different person,” he quipped as he re-wore his $780 Adidas x Gucci shoe.

“I am embarrassed by myself. That feels so personal. Such a personal experience shared with so many individuals,” he continued.

“I will address this at detail with my therapist. “in length”

Once concert footage began to circulate on the Internet, fans reacted swiftly on social media.

One user posted, “Sweaty shoe juice no thank you,” while another queried, “Why are people cheering? I feel nauseous.”


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