Falguni Pathak and Neha Kakkar Controversy

Falguni Pathak Says She is Okay with Her Songs Being Recreated, Despite The Drama with Neha Kakkar!

Falguni Pathak, known as the “Garba Queen,” has spoken out on the topic of her music being covered by other artists. Though she had no objections, she did urge that the composers do a good job.

Falguni Pathak addressed the criticism over the “Maine Payal Hai Chhankai” remix by addressing the practice of other musicians covering her work. The Garba Queen, who declined to name Neha Kakkar, recently remarked that she is fine with anybody covering her songs so long as they make a good job of it.

Falguni pretended not to know that Neha had covered one of her songs in an interview with Mirchi Plus. She also said she plans to view the music video after the interview.

“Be flexible, yet firm. Just make a remix and play it straight, okay? If you’re going to change, change well; Faltu kyu bana rahe ho? There have been countless remixes, but these ones are particularly beautifully done. Why ruin it?)” she asked.

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According to Falguni Pathak, her hit “Maine Payal Hai Chhankai” is still on everyone’s lips. People still respond to us with the same amount of enthusiasm whenever I perform the song, years after we initially released it. I think it’d be fine if people gave the song a more current vibe by adding rhythm, but they should do it effectively. The song is perfect in its uncomplicated elegance; leave it alone.

Internet users demanded that Falguni Pathak sue Neha Kakkar for ‘destroying’ the song after it failed to gain traction. Falguni claimed in an interview that she has no legal standing to sue Neha because she neither owns the rights to the original song nor was she consulted by T-Series or anybody else prior to the publication of the remake.

As she put it to Pinkvilla: “I am overwhelmed and touched on receiving so much love from all over for the song, so had to convey their thoughts.” She added, “I wish I could but the rights are not with me,” when asked if she was considering legal action.

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