Grimes Says that Anyone Can "Without Penalty" Use AI to Make Her Sound.

Grimes Says that Anyone Can “Without Penalty” Use AI to Make Her Sound.

The Canadian singer Grimes tweeted on Sunday night that she would share 50 percent of the royalties from “any successful AI-generated song” that uses her voice. The Verge says that the tweet was sent from her account. Grimes says that as a self-made artist, anyone can use her voice without getting in trouble. “I have no label and no legal bindings,” she says.

Her news comes after a song with fake Drake and The Weeknd vocals made by AI went viral earlier this month and caused a lot of trouble. The song was taken down from YouTube and other social media sites soon after it was released. It’s not clear why, but The Verge says it could have been a mistaken fan honor or a marketing stunt.

Grimes isn’t new to the AI and tech scene because he has written songs about AI and talked a lot about it. In February, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman posted a picture of himself with Grimes and AI critic Eliezer Yudkowsky that didn’t say who was in the picture.

Grimes also has two kids with her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk, who recently signed a letter asking AI model development to slow down.

Unlike Musk, Grimes seems to be all-in on what she thinks is a good chance that creative AI will bring. As a response to her statement about using her voice, she tweeted, “I think it’s cool to be fused with a machine, and I like the idea of making all art open source and getting rid of copyright.”

Later that night, she wrote that she was making “a program that should do a good job of simulating my voice.”

Over the past year, open-source models like tortoise-tts and paid services like ElevenLabs speech synthesis have made it easier and easier to use deep learning models to create a realistic human voice.

We’ve written about technologies that can clone a person’s voice from a three-second audio clip, software that can change a person’s voice, and how Disney used AI to make Darth Vader’s voice.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Grimes explained that she and her team are working on a way to collect and pay out royalties using “smart contracts.”

She then wrote about the possibility of copyright takedowns for AI-generated songs that use her voice and have “toxic lyrics.” She wrote, “I don’t want to be in charge of a Nazi anthem unless it’s a joke, like how producers do it.”

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