Is Rachael Kirkconnell’s Dad Ethnicity? The Bachelor: How Twitter Reacts!

For the season of The Bachelor with Matt James, Rachael Kirkconnell made it to the final two. From the very beginning of the show, it was evident that the candidate was Matt’s favorite, and now that the season has concluded, viewers are curious to learn more about him or her. During Hometowns week, Matt James met Rachael’s family.

It threw off viewers as Rachael’s dad, Darrell Kirkconnell, looked like he could be Hispanic. Rachael Kirkconnell, who appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, has recently been the subject of media attention. The participant, who has been a frontrunner for much of the season, has made it to the final three. On the most recent episode of “The Bachelorette,” Matt James spent Hometowns week with Rachael, where he met her family.

The racist accusations leveled against her were widely expected to be addressed in this episode, but no such thing occurred. Fans were also baffled by the fact that Darrell Kirkconnell, Rachael’s father, appeared to be of Hispanic descent. In this article, you will find out more about Rachael Kirkconnell’s father and her extended relatives. Keep reading to learn about Rachael Kirkconnell’s dad and his background.

What Is the Ethnicity of Rachael Kirkconnell’s Father?

It’s assumed that Rachael Kirkconnell’s paternal grandfather is of Hispanic descent. Some people on the internet think it’s apparent; for example, one person wrote, “As a Latina, I can affirm Rachael’s dad is Hispanic.” Rachael has not yet established her and her father’s ancestry.

Rachael was reared in Cumming, Georgia by her parents, Darrell and Kim Kirkconnell.  According to Darrell’s profile on Linkedin, he works in the IT industry. While her mother has kept a relatively low presence on Facebook, she is very active on Instagram.

After Rachel introduced her father to her fiancé, Matt James, Darrell took him aside for a discussion and expressed concern that the couple was moving too quickly to get married, given how little time they had spent getting to know each other. But Matt shot back, claiming that being married was the only thing keeping him from quitting the show.

A picture of Rachael from an earlier “Antebellum-themed party” has gone viral, and users have “canceled” her from all of her social media accounts due to her racist behavior. Rachael has already issued an apology on Instagram, writing that she “recognizes how disrespectful and racist her acts are.”

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The Bachelor spoilers

Is Rachael Kirkconnell Hispanic? Since Rachael Kirkconnell‘s father was featured in the most recent episode, viewers have been curious about her background. Her dad, Darrel Kirkconnell, was introduced to Matt James, and then Darrell had a little talk with him later.

Since Matt and Rachel have only been dating for a short while, Darrell expressed concern that they might be “rushing” into marriage. However, in defense of them, Matt stated that marriage is the only reason he is on the show.

Scenario from The Bachelor still (ABC): Though most viewers understood that Rachael Kirkconnell’s father was grilling Matt with probing inquiries, many could not help but notice that he looked Hispanic. It was speculated by many online that he was actually Hispanic.

The Sun reports that he works as an information technology expert. After the latest controversy involving his daughter, he was apparently forced to delete his LinkedIn account. Somebody on Twitter named Elaine Diekroger said, “As a Latina, I can certify that Rachael’s father is Hispanic.”

The competitor has not yet confirmed her father’s identity or her own. A few weeks ago, the 24-year-old graphic designer was the target of widespread racist backlash online. This is what had transpired:

Twitter Reacts to The Bachelor!

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