Is Rebecca Zamolo Pregnant? A Baby Girl Has Been Born!

Rebecca Zamolo, an American YouTuber and social media sensation, is well-known for her Game Master Network franchise and series. She has over 17.1 million followers on the social media platform TikTok, where she is well-known.

The Young Girl of Rebecca Zamolo Has Arrived!

The 37-year-old YouTuber and her husband, Matt Slays, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Zadie Hope Zamolo, on February 23.

At birth, Zadie weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 20 inches. She was born in Los Angeles. She already has an Instagram account.

“We are happy to finally get our rainbow baby! The couple, whose novel The Game Master: Mansion Mystery was recently published, are “very grateful to our family, friends, fans, and doctors for their love and support throughout this tough journey.”

Zamalo adds. “My lifelong ambition has been to become a mother. Zadie is a dream come true and our entire universe.”

Zamolo, a single mother, reveals that she adores both the letter Z and the name Sadie, so combining them was only natural.

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The excellent news followed her revelation in February 2021 that she had a miscarriage at 9 weeks. In August, she announced her pregnancy following an arduous IVF treatment, surgery, and a third implantation.

“A baby born to parents following a miscarriage is referred to as a rainbow baby because it resembles a rainbow after a storm. At the time of their May 2014 wedding, Zamolo and Slays told PEOPLE exclusively, “We are happy to finally be able to announce the upcoming birth of our rainbow child.

The couple stated, “It’s been a long, emotional roller coaster of a journey, but it all feels worthwhile now.” “We cannot wait to meet our precious rainbow baby. We are forever grateful to our family, friends, supporters, and doctors for their unwavering love and assistance during this journey. Thank you to everyone!”

Zamolo announced on Instagram that she was expecting a daughter in November alongside images from her gender reveal.

“That is a female, folks.

Still doesn’t feel like it’s true “

She composed herself. “For those unaware, we had already tested three female eggs during my IVF procedure, and this was the last one. “Although knowing there was a small chance of having a daughter, we decided to implant our last female egg with a male sperm.”

“I am overtaken with emotion even as I type this.” She said, “We are so pleased that I am at a lost for words.”

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Her Asset Value

It requires significant work to become a YouTube sensation. Fortunately, it also provides advantages for individuals such as Rebecca Zamolo and others. Celebs Money presently estimates the celebrity’s net worth to be $3.3 million.

She Is Quite Popular on Social Media

Zamolo is evidently highly popular on social media; after all, an influencer would have a serious problem if they lacked followers to influence. But, you may be surprised to realise how enormous she is. As at the time of this writing, Zamolo has a staggering 8.09 million YouTube subscribers, 2.6 million Instagram followers, 108 thousand Facebook likes, and 65,200 Twitter followers.


Rebecca Zamolo is an extremely popular YouTuber. She had a beautiful six-pound infant daughter. She has a net worth of approximately $3.3 million. She has approximately 11 million followers across all of her social media sites.

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