kansas Bans Roommates: A City In Kansas Just Made Roommates Illegal!

kansas Bans Roommates: A City In Kansas Just Made Roommates Illegal!

The housing situation in the United States is currently “pretty f***ing dire,” to use a generous term. A large percentage of millennials can’t afford anything more than a used couch, and the housing that is affordable is being snapped up en masse by companies like  BlackRock as a revenue stream, which they desperately need.

I’m guessing they’ll need to add a few more feet of gold doubloons to Scrooge McDuck’s money pit before they can finally install a high dive.

So, if a financially insecure generation doesn’t want to fight it out for a sleeping spot under a bridge, what can they do? You do, after all, have  roommates.

kansas bans roommates

Unless you live in Shawnee, Kansas, where roommates have recently been made illegal. Shawnee’s City Council recently voted unanimously to prohibit a “co-living” situation, which is defined as four adults living together who are not related.

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To begin with, counting adults and only allowing related people to live together sounds like some bizarre pilgrim nonsense. What kind of robot, devoid of empathy, looks at four adults forced to live together and thinks to themselves, “This is actually my problem?” I assure you that four adults are not attempting to share a stove for any reason other than necessity.

Yes, co-living has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is due to recent increases in housing costs. Most crows could figure out this cause-and-effect relationship. Furthermore, part of the justification for the ban is that… the practice lowers property values.

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This would make the Grinch feel a little chilly. Your property values are rising at an unsustainable rate, driving people to cohabitate, which interferes with those values continuing to rise, and your response is to summon the housing cops? C’mon.

Sure, if you want to get rid of them. You can do so as soon as you find suitable accommodation at their present rent. If you can’t, you’ll soon learn that the five folks eating ramen noodles aren’t the bad guys. You must also relocate all of their belongings. That’s just because you’re a jerk.