Lawrence gave an interview in jail

Salman Khan Was Threatened with Death by Lawrence Bishnoi: Lawrence Gave an Interview in Jail!

Sidhu Musewala’s killer Lawrence Bishnoi gave a TV interview in jail, in which he confessed that he wanted to kill Salman Khan.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan received death threats a few days after the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala. This issue is now public knowledge. The man who killed Musewala, Lawrence Bishnoi, has come forward to admit that he was also the one who threatened Salman. He claims that he set out to crush Salman Khan’s ego.

Lawrence Bishnoi Wants to Apologize to Salman Khan

According to ABP’s reporting, Lawrence believes that Salman Khan should issue an apology to his community for the black buck massacre. If you ask him again, he’ll give you an answer. He claims to have harbored resentment for Salman Khan ever since he was a child because the actor has not yet issued an apology to his society over the incident.

Lawrence Gave an Interview in Jail

He boldly declares that he would crush Salman Khan‘s ego. As Bishnoi put it, “He will have to come to the shrine of our deity and apologize. He also extended financial aid to the people of our culture. Not for his notoriety, but for our cause, we will murder Salman Khan.

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He has let down my society,” Bishnoi continued, “I had simply threatened to kill Salman Khan. Coming to our region has resulted in the deaths of many animals. Our hope was that he would offer an apology. Otherwise, there will be repercussions.

Here, we’ll tell you how Salman Khan’s dad, Salim, came upon a letter on a park bench a few days after Siddu Musewala was murdered. In which the performer was threatened with death. A few months later, Lawrence Bishnoi admitted that he was the one who made the threat to the actor.

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Since then, the Bishnoi gang has been the prime suspect in the eyes of the Bombay Police. As a result, Salman’s Bandra home is now more secure than ever. In a 1998 case involving blackbuck poaching in Rajasthan, the Bishnoi gang had threatened to kill Salman Khan.

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