Legendary actor Sameer Khakhar, well known as Khopri from the television series Nukkad, passes dead at age 71

Legendary Actor Sameer Khakhar, Well Known as Khopri from The Television Series Nukkad, Passes Away at Age 71!

Legendary actor Sameer Khakhar who was loved for his character Khopri in the TV program Nukkad went to a heavenly place Thursday (15 March) at the age of 71. He will be remembered for the famous roles he did in TV and Cinema.

Today, March 15, the iconic actor Sameer Khakhar, best known for his role as Khopri in the television series Nukkad, passed away (15 March). Age-wise, the actor was 71. In his 38 years as an actor, he had roles in a wide range of films and television shows.

Before returning to Hollywood, the actor spent some years in the United States. Thereafter, he moved to India and acted in two Gujarati plays in addition to his role in Salman Khan‘s film Jai Ho.

ETimes TV revealed exclusively that Sameer’s uncle, Ganesh Khakhar, had died of multiple organ failure. As he put it, “He was having respiratory problems, then he fell asleep and was knocked out.” He was advised to go to the hospital after calling the doctor.

His heart was malfunctioning, and he was also having trouble passing urine. The ventilator was turned on, but he died at 4:30 this morning.” Sameer was admitted to MM Hospital, Borivali where he took his death.

Legendary actor Sameer Khakhar, well known as Khopri from the television series Nukkad, passes dead at age 71

At 10:30 in the morning, Sameer’s funeral will take place at the Babhai Naka crematorium in Borivali. The actor was working in both the TV and Cinema sectors.

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He did various remarkable programs on Television Including Nukkad, Manorajan, Circus, Naya Nukkad, Shrimaan Shrimati, and Adaalat. He played a little part in the film Sanjivani alongside Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna.

After returning from the United States, the actor disclosed in an interview with a news outlet that he was looking for challenging roles to play.

As he put it, “We’re all in the same boat, job-hunting. And by job search, I mean approaching and seeking employment. Every film or television show is a daily activity for performers. But, I am not a good salesman.”

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“I am hopeful that those who know me would provide me with the job. I wish to work until my final breath. I want to amuse people all my life, I am not exhausted yet,” Khakhar continued.

The actor has become a household name thanks to his participation in a number of timeless films and television series. Plays he performed also helped develop the Gujarati theatre scene.

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