Lufthansa Bans Jews While Flying  Over Several Maskless Passengers!

Lufthansa Bans Jews While Flying Over Several Maskless Passengers!

“It was Jewish people who produced the mess, Jewish people made the situation,” an airline representative said in a video. On American carriers, masks are now optional, but on Lufthansa flights, they are required.

According to a report on the website DansDeals, a crew member was on the flight checking passengers to make sure no one was not wearing a mask. However, not everyone on the crew was wearing a mask, according to reports.

The pilot also stated that anyone who did not wear a mask for the duration of the journey would have difficulty boarding the connecting flight. When the jet landed at Frankfurt airport, two dozen armed guards halted Jewish passengers at the gate and refused to let them board the connecting Flight 1334 to Budapest,

According to the story and videos circulating on social media. The Jewish passenger then asked the Lufthansa representative why all Jews were barred off the trip, according to the footage posted to Twitter.

lufthansa bans jews

“I was wearing a mask the entire time, why am I being grouped in with them?” the man inquired of the airline employee, referring to the other customers suspected of not wearing masks.

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In response, the official responded, “Everyone has to pay for a couple.” “This is awful,” he said as he continued to probe her. This is incredible,” she says, puzzled as to how such an incident could occur in a Western country in 2022.

“Why am I grouped with them?” he also wondered. “What do you mean everyone?” says one. Why should all Jews be held responsible for the misdeeds of others? “Because it’s Jews flying in from JFK,” the official responds.

The man persisted in his questioning of the representative about the injustice of singling out only Jewish travelers, and was eventually told: “Jewish people produced the mess, Jewish people made the difficulties.”

lufthansa bans

So the presence of Jews on the plane caused an issue, and as a result, all Jews are barred from flying with Lufthansa for the day?” The Lufthansa representative said, “Just for this flight.”

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Another film shows a group of Jewish travelers being detained in the airport by an armed German guard who refused to allow them to board their flight. “Why do you hate us?” asks one of the group. “Nazi” is said by another individual.

The officer then accuses a passenger of calling him a Nazi, but the passenger denies it — calling someone a Nazi in Germany is forbidden – and the guard attempts to arrest him from the throng.

“We confirm that a larger group of passengers could not be carried today on Lufthansa aircraft LH1334 from Frankfurt to Budapest because they refused to wear the legally required mask on board,” the airline said. Lufthansa, like all other carriers operating in Germany, is required by German law to comply with this mandate’s legal criteria.

“The requirement to wear a mask on public transportation, and thus on board aircraft, as well as in all areas of air travel, is preserved in the new German Infection Protection Act.” As a result, medical or FFP2 masks must be worn at all times while flying with Lufthansa.

lufthansa bans

“We can’t say how many guests were involved in the event due to legal restrictions, but Lufthansa has rebooked them on the next available flight to their final destination.” Compliance with the mask mandate, which is a legal necessity, is a requirement for transportation.

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“Because the safety and security of our passengers and employees is our top priority, Lufthansa will continue to comply with all legal obligations, including the mask mandate imposed by the German government and those of the countries served,” says the airline.