Minecraft YouTuber Fundy Apologized

Minecraft YouTuber Fundy Apologized After Her Twitch Stream!

Fundy, a popular Minecraft YouTuber, has been into some trouble due to some of his remarks. Take a look at the Twitter uproar and how he got fired. Fundy has publicly apologized for his inflammatory Twitch comments. Fundy made some questionable comments in his most recent webcast.

In a couple of minutes, the streamer had become a Twitter hot topic. Some people canceled him immediately, while others waited for an explanation. There are still some people who are unhappy with Fundy’s apology.

Why was Fundy Cancelled?

After viewers of Fundy‘s most recent stream misinterpreted a joke he made concerning sexual assault, they decided to cut him loose. Streamers love Quiplash because it gives them an excuse to play around with silly props.

After all the questions have been answered, viewers get to cast their votes for the response they found most amusing. Fundy has been criticized for jokes that, at first glance, seem harmless. Two of these were particularly noteworthy.

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There was one that began, “What you never want to hear following the words: ‘Don’t worry…'” and ended with, “the medications will make her forget.” There was also one that said, “Seek long-term commitment? Do not hit her. In his video explaining why followers had deleted him from Twitter, Fundy admitted as much.

Fundy Apology Explored

Fundy decided to make an apologetic video and upload it to his Twitch channel after he received backlash from Twitter users. The streamer realized his mistake and quickly apologized. He then expressed regret, saying, “That was not the correct thing to say at all.” In regards to the couple, Fundy said, “The reason I went with it was because of don’t.

I don’t want to gloss over the facts. This is an unacceptable error. I recognize now what a terrible error I made. I’d rather not play the victim here; after all, my fingers did the typing. To put it simply, that was an error. What you’re saying makes perfect sense, and I can totally see that.

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He then added, “For anyone who was tied to assault or anything along those lines, I am sorry.” Certainly not my intent. In the conversation, I never intend any harm. If it does hurt, it wasn’t my intention. All of you have my whole attention and concern. Clearly, I made a mistake. I botched up because I was foolish. I really apologize for it.

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