saudi aramco net worth

Saudi Aramco Net Worth 2022 : How To This Company Makes Most Valuable Company !

Saudi Aramco (Arabic: Armk as-Sudiyyah), formally the Saudi Arabian Oil Firm (previously Arabian-American Oil Company), is a Saudi Arabian public oil and gas company headquartered in Dhahran. It will be one of the world’s most profitable corporations by 2020.  Saudi Aramco has the world’s second-biggest proven crude oil reserves, with about 270 billion barrels (43 billion cubic meters), as well as the world’s greatest daily oil production of any oil-producing company. Since 1965, it has been the single largest contributor to the global carbon emissions of any firm on the planet. Saudi Aramco surpassed Apple Inc. as the world’s largest company by market cap on May 11, 2022.

The Master Gas System, operated by Saudi Aramco, is the world’s biggest single hydrocarbon network. It handles about one hundred oil and gas fields in Saudi Arabia, including 288.4 trillion standard cubic feet (SCF) of natural gas reserves, and its crude oil production totaled 3.4 billion barrels (540 million cubic meters) in 2013. The Ghawar Field, the world’s largest onshore oil field, and the Safaniya Field, the world’s largest offshore oil field, are both operated by Saudi Aramco.

saudi aramco net worth

The company’s shares began trading on the Tadawul stock exchange on December 11, 2019. On the second day of trading, the stock surged to 35.2 Saudi riyals, giving it a market capitalization of around US$1.88 trillion[15], surpassing the US$2 trillion barriers. Saudi Aramco was listed as the world’s fifth-largest public business in the Forbes Global 2000 in 2020. Saudi Aramco revealed in March 2021 that earnings in 2020 were roughly 45 percent lower than in 2019, because of global lockdowns following the COVID-19 epidemic, which reduced demand for oil.

After a rise in the oil producer’s shares catapulted it above $2.4 trillion on May 11, 2022, Saudi Aramco surpassed Apple as the world’s most valuable firm. The market value of Saudi Arabia’s state-controlled Aramco now stands at $9.1 trillion Saudi Arabian Riyals ($2.43 trillion).


The company’s roots can be traced back to World War I oil shortages and the United Kingdom and France’s prohibition of American businesses from Mesopotamia under the San Remo Petroleum Agreement of 1920. The “Open Door policy,” which Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover started in 1921, enjoyed widespread public support at the time. Standard Oil of California (SoCal) was one of the US firms looking for new oil sources overseas. SoCal discovered oil in Bahrain in May 1932 through its subsidiary, the Bahrain Petroleum Co. (BAPCO).

This event heightened interest in the Arabian mainland’s oil prospects. On May 29, 1933, the Saudi Arabian government granted SoCal a concession over a competing bid from the Iraq Petroleum Company. SoCal was able to explore for oil in Saudi Arabia because to the concession. California-Arabian Standard Oil, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoCal, was given this concession (CASOC). The Texas Business (Texaco) obtained a 50 percent ownership in the concession in 1936 after the company failed to locate oil.

After four years of unproductive research, the seventh drill location in Dhahran, known as Dammam No. 7, yielded the first result in 1938. This well-produced almost 1,500 barrels per day (240 m3/d) right away, providing the business the confidence to keep going. The name of the corporation was changed from California-Arabian Standard Oil Co. to Arabian American Oil Co. on January 31, 1944. (or Aramco).

saudi aramco net worth

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Standard Oil of New Jersey (later known as Exxon) bought 30% of the corporation in 1948, and Socony Vacuum (later known as Mobil) bought 10%, leaving SoCal and Texaco with 30% each. The newcomers were also stockholders in Iraq Petroleum Co., and they had to get the Red Line Agreement restrictions relaxed in order to engage in this agreement.

ARAMCO made incursions into the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1949, resulting in a border dispute between the two countries. King Abdulaziz threatened to nationalize Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure in 1950, pressing Aramco to agree to a 50/50 profit split. A similar situation had occurred in Venezuela a few years before with American oil companies. The US government gave US Aramco members a tax advantage known as the golden trick, which was equal to the earnings handed to King Abdulaziz.

The company’s headquarters were relocated from New York to Dhahran as a result of the new setup. The Safaniya Oil Field, the world’s largest offshore field, was founded by the business in 1951. The Ghawar Field was confirmed as the world’s largest onshore field in 1957 when smaller related oil discoveries were discovered. A Master Gas Plan was included in Saudi Arabia’s second five-year economic plan in 1975. Instead of flaring natural gas, it would be used to generate electricity.

Although the plan called for using related gas, Aramco was able to accommodate a billion standard cubic feet per day (Bscfd) of non-associated gas by 1985. The Kuff Formation, a limestone stratum 650 meters (2,130 feet) below the oil-producing Arab Zone, produced this non-associated gas. Aramco discovered more non-associated gas in the deeper Jawf sandstone formation in 1994 and built plants to process it in Hawiyah and Haradh. This raised the Master Gas System’s capacity to 9.4 billion scfd.

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Saudi Aramco Net Worth 2022

Saudi Aramco net worth in 2022: Saudi Aramco, previously Arabian-American Oil Business, is a Saudi Arabian public petroleum and natural gas company headquartered in Dhahran.

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company, better known as Aramco, earned $6.6 billion in the second quarter and $23.2 billion in the first half of 2020, making it a member of the trillion-dollar club but not a US giant.

Saudi Aramco Oil:

saudi aramco net worth

Geophysicists and geologists make up a large part of the Saudi Aramco workforce. Since 1982, Saudi Aramco has been looking for oil and gas reserves. The EXPEC Advanced Research Center is where most of this happens.

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Saudi Aramco Has Surpassed Apple As The most Valuable Firm In The World:

With a market capitalization of about $2.43 trillion, Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil exporter, has eclipsed US-based technology behemoth Apple to become the world’s most valuable company.

Aramco, which is traded on the Tadawul stock exchange in Saudi Arabia, closed over 1% lower on Wednesday at 45.5 Saudi riyals ($12.13) per share, with a market capitalization of 9.1 trillion riyals, while Apple’s shares sank more than 5% to $146.5 per share.

Despite better profitability in the first quarter, the iPhone maker’s market value has dropped to $2.37 trillion this year.

However, Apple has issued a warning that China’s Covid-19 lockout and supply chain concerns may have an impact on its second-quarter 2022 earnings.

Since the beginning of the year, Aramco’s stock price has increased by about 30%, while Apple’s stock price has decreased by more than 15%.