Sidhu Moose Wala Killing

Sidhu Moose Wala Killing: How Deepak Tinu Used His Girlfriend To Evade Police Captivity!

Accused The disgraced CIA employee invited Deepak Tinu to a Jhunir guesthouse late on a Saturday. Because Tinu had gained the trust of the official, he was able to sneak away as the official slept. One of the main suspects in the murder of Punjabi artist and Congress leader Sidhu Moose Wala, Deepak Tinu, escaped from police custody on Saturday night in Mansa.

Police sources stated that gangster Lawrence Bishnoi‘s trusted associate Tinu had some assistance from his girlfriend in planning and carrying out the escape. Not only that, but Tinu also tricked the CIA officer in charge of keeping tabs on him, Pritpal Singh Breja, by befriending him.

Accused Deepak Tinu

Tinu was reportedly dropped off at a guest house in Jhunir on Saturday night by the sacked CIA employee. Tinu gained the trust of the official, which aided in his escape while the official was asleep. It has been reported that Pritpal Singh has been helpful to Tinu in the past and has even given him a cell phone.

Tinu had contacted his buddies on Saturday night and urged them to wait in Mansa with the automobile. When Pritpal Singh left, he and his girlfriend stayed in one room. Two days before his actual escape, Tinu had planned everything out.

Accused Deepak Tinu

When Pritpal Singh finally dozed off for the night, Tinu and his lover snuck away in his friend’s car, which had been waiting nearby. On September 27th, CIA Staff Inspector Pritpal Singh transported Deepak Tinu from Goindwal Jail to the agency’s custody. The reason Pritpal Singh went on his ramblings with Tinu is currently a subject of investigation. On Monday, the court will hear Pritpal Singh’s case after he is formally brought.

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Accused Deepak Tinu

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