Sylvester Stallone describes his brief divorce with Jennifer Flavin as "a really turbulent time."

Sylvester Stallone Describes His Brief Divorce with Jennifer Flavin as “A Really Turbulent Time.”

In a recent interview, Sylvester Stallone discussed his personal life, including his marriage, fatherhood, and political views.

The Rocky star, now 76 years old, spoke candidly about his divorce from wife Jennifer Flavin, which she initiated in August after 25 years of marriage, in an interview with the Sunday Times. But the couple made up the next month.

Stallone said, “Let’s just say that it was a very difficult time.” The love I have for my family, which is priceless, has been reawakened. I had to put it ahead of my work, and that was a tough realization to make.

A representative for the couple said in an interview with Page Six after they reconciled, “They got back together at their respective homes and sorted things out. Both of them are really content.”

They have three daughters together. Stallone, who has two other sons besides the late Sage, has spoken about his regret at having been a distant dad during their formative years so that he could focus on his acting career.

Sylvester Stallone describes his brief divorce with Jennifer Flavin as "a really turbulent time."

Stallone said, “I didn’t pay enough attention to them when they were growing up.” I used to be very career-focused, but now I realize that there isn’t much runway ahead of me and I want to start asking people more personal questions about their experiences in life. When I asked them about their day, they were first very reticent to elaborate. Another then said, “I was just thinking about you.” Holy crap. No one has ever told me that before. A daughter who feels loved by her parents will always be by their side.

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Stallone also shared his political epiphany, illuminating the fact that he has voted for both the Democratic and Republican parties. His films’ patriotic tone is partly responsible for the Republican Party’s identification with him.

It wasn’t until Stallone was 30 that he learned the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, he said. And I didn’t till I got to Hollywood. I had no idea that donning a flag while dressed as Rocky would issue a challenge.

Actor/director Sylvester Stallone says he has conflicting sentiments regarding gun restrictions, notably the popularity of automatic guns, despite the fact that his immensely successful Rambo franchise instantly connected him with military prowess and firearms knowledge.

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Hunting with a 40-round magazine is unnecessary, he remarked. No matter how amazing your equipment is, you’re not a decent hunter if you can’t kill a deer in five shots. To be able to purchase a firearm that can be converted to fully automatic in less than a second? I just don’t get it. Due to their cultural significance over the past 250 years, guns are unlikely to ever be banned. However, careless gun use must be curtailed.

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