The Best "Four Lads In Jeans" Viral Meme Group

The Best “Four Lads In Jeans” Viral Meme Group Have Taken Over Social Media!

The four young men are still dominating the internet. These 17 ‘Four Lads in Jeans’ memes will make your day. In 2020, four average Coventry boys went out for the evening in Birmingham. They couldn’t have known that the group shot they snapped would soon become a meme. The four guys have become overnight sensations again, nearly a year after the original “Four Lads in Jeans” meme went viral.

On Good Morning Britain, the four friends who became known as the ‘lads in jeans’ meme discussed what it was like to suddenly find themselves in the spotlight. Alex, one member of the group, said at one time that cyberbullying had an adverse effect on his psyche.

The majority of the criticism directed at Alex was directed at his family’s fashion choices, specifically the tight pants and barely visible socks they were all wearing. After his work number was made public, he began receiving prank calls, and this affected him deeply. Alex confessed that the incident had an adverse effect on his mental health, but that the memes eventually turned it into a positive by winning them admirers all over the world.

 ‘Four Lads’ Memes That’ll Have You in Stitches

  • This Covid vaccine Shanty is totally hilarious!
  • Who else has seen these four lads more than they’ve seen their own friends in the past few days?

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“That had a profound effect on me. Since it’s best to keep your personal and professional lives distinct, this had a major impact on my sanity.” Piers questioned the effect of the trolling and asked the boys whether they had been wounded by the bad comments. And Alex continued: “Because they started trolling my mom in the comments section, I had to stop using social media. Certainly not a pleasant experience.”

  • The four lads, MP edition.
  • The four lads out for a beer after a match.
  • This list wouldn’t be complete without the famous four lads Sea Shanty meme.
  • Leo is still the real king of the internet.
  • The four lads in the future.
  • When you found out those four lads are from Coventry…

The picture has been used in a number of recent memes, including ones with references to Shakespeare and Peaky Blinders and even a video of the four performing in a sea shanty. The guys claimed that even though the meme went viral in the summer, its recent resurgence in popularity has made it much more widespread.

  • “Some of the comments are brutal.
  • “It doesn’t affect any of us, luckily, but comments like ‘they all need to hang themselves? It’s not that deep.”
  • Four lads, WWE edition.
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  • The four lads as The Inbetweeners.
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This time, it’s the four men from Birmingham who went viral after their night out and group photo. The photo of the foursome, taken in June, has been making the rounds ever since. Because of this, they’ve become the focus of many humorous tweets and status updates across social media platforms.

However, other memes have stereotyped them as racist or overweight because of their appearance or clothing. Not even close to the actual Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney, and Jamie Phillips from Birmingham and Coventry, who have been named as three of the youngsters. Student news outlet The Tab spoke to a fourth person, but they declined to give their name.

  • This meme really is the best thing about Twitter right now.
  • The four lads when they see they’ve been turned into another meme…
  • How they thought they looked vs how they actually looked.
  • Who else thinks the second guy looks like a Sims character?
  • Every time you see a new four lads meme…
  • The four lads, Ibiza girl edition.

Jamie, Connor, Kevin, and Alex, four friends who were pushed into the spotlight in 2019 because of the tight jeans they wore on a guys’ night out in Birmingham, have opened out about the highs and lows of an overnight celebrity.

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They went on Good Morning Britain to talk about the reasons they think their photo was picked up and meme-Ified the way it was, and they revealed that they, too, have been the targets of online harassment and abuse. Alex revealed the heartbreaking news that the group had received harassing phone calls in addition to humorous and cheerful remarks.

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