The Best Way To Download From (HBO) Max

The Best Way To Download From (HBO) Max

Max (which used to be called HBO Max) lets you download movies and TV shows to watch when you don’t have an internet link. This guide tells you how to download content from Max and what you can’t do when you do.

How to Download on Max on iPhone, iPad, and Android

HBO Max can be used to download using first-party apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Follow these steps to get movies or TV shows from these apps. Even though the pictures below are from an iPhone, the steps are the same on an iPad or Android.

  1. In the Max app, find the movie or TV show you want to download via search or by browsing.

  2. Tap the download icon (it’s a down arrow pointing at a line).

  3. When the movie or TV show has been downloaded, the download icon changes to a rectangle with a checkmark. You can now watch this offline, whenever you want.

    Highlighted steps to download movies and shows from the Max streaming service app on an iPhone.

How to Delete Downloads from Max

Follow these steps (again, the steps are the same on iPhone, iPad, and Android) to delete movies or TV shows you downloaded from Max:

  1. Tap the download icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the app.

  2. This screen shows all downloads on your device. Tap the pencil icon.

  3. From this edit mode, you can choose to Clear All, which deletes all your downloads, or tap the X next to a single item you want to delete.

  4. If you’re deleting multiple episodes at once, tap Remove All in the confirmation pop-up.

    Highlighted steps to delete downloads from the Max streaming service app on an iPhone.

Can You Download Content From Max?

If you’ve tried the steps above and still can’t get the choice, remember that not all Max subscribers have it. Max’s $15.99/month Ad-Free plan is the only one that lets you download material to watch offline. The “With Ads” plan, which costs less, doesn’t let you download anything.

Download Limit: You can have up to 30 things saved at once. This is true for all profiles and gadgets that are linked to the same account. For example, if you and your partner use the same Max account on two different devices, the two devices can only download a total of 30 songs.

Download Expiration:  Once you start watching a download, you have 48 hours to finish it. If you don’t, the download will end and be taken away automatically. You can renew a download by tapping the downloads menu at the bottom of the screen, tapping the! an icon next to a download that has ended, and tap Renew.

Download Settings:  There are two things you might want to change about the way you download. Go to your user name, click on the gear icon, and then click on Downloads. Move the Download over Wi-Fi only button to on if you want to only download over Wi-Fi. This is a good idea so that you don’t use up all of your monthly high-speed cellular data. In the Download quality menu, you can also choose faster downloads with lower quality video or slower downloads with higher quality video.

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