Virat Kohli's Emotional Reaction On 'Legend' Roger Federer's Retirement Match!

Virat Kohli’s Emotional Reaction On ‘Legend’ Roger Federer’s Retirement Match!

In the midst of all of this, Nadal was a mess of feelings. As much as Federer sobbed when he retired, he did, too. The photo of them quickly gained widespread attention online, prompting a variety of responses.

Having dedicated nearly 24 years to tennis, Roger Federer has decided to call it quits. The loss to Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe of Team World in the Laver Cup doubles match effectively ended his career. Federer’s final dance on the tennis court was with Rafael Nadal, the Spanish legend and longtime nemesis.

As he was giving his farewell address after his final match, Federer began to cry. He expressed appreciation to his teammates, supporters, family, and wife Mirka for supporting him during his career. He wanted Mirka to know that if she hadn’t been in his life, he never would have become the player he is today. Sometime later, Mirka hugged him and his family very tightly.

Through it all, Nadal was a mess of feelings. In his retirement, he shed as many tears as Roger Federer. The photo of them quickly gained widespread attention online, prompting a variety of responses. Even Virat Kohli, former Indian captain, and great batter commented on the tearful photo of Nadal and Federer. He claimed that Federer’s treatment of the talen was deserving of Nadal’s tears.

“Who knew rivals could feel such ill will? To put it another way, that’s why sports are so great. In my opinion, this is the most stunning sports photo ever taken. You’ll know you’ve done what you were meant to do with your gift when your friends start crying because they miss you. These two deserve nothing but the highest regard. In response to @rogerfederer and @rafaelnadal: “published on his Twitter and Instagram accounts by Indian cricket player Virat Kohli.

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Check out the popular photo and Kohli’s response to it down below.

Federer was the pinnacle of excellence in every aspect of his life. He was more than just tennis great. It was the grace and modesty with which Federer played the game over the years that made him so memorable. There’s no doubting that Federer’s 1527 wins, 0 losses to retirement, and 20 Grand Slam titles are impressive statistics, but it’s his human touch that will ultimately define him. How he handled himself on the court set an example that will be followed for years to come.

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