Bigg Boss 16: Was Shalin Bhanot responsible for pushing Archana Gautam?

Bigg Boss 16: Was Shalin Bhanot Responsible For Pushing Archana Gautam?

Archana accused Shalin of pushing her throughout the job, and she voiced her displeasure to Bigg Boss. Many of the housemates backed her up, including the show’s director, Sajid Khan.

Bigg Boss summoned everyone together on the tenth day of Bigg Boss 16 and asked them if the house was this dirty when they entered it as well.

He makes the announcement that he is removing Nimrit from his position as captain, and he goes on to say that when the buzzer goes off, the first two competitors to bang the gong will be competing against each other for the captaincy task, but Nimrit will serve as the umpire.

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After the final gong is rung, Gautam and Shiv will compete in the task. Inmates can only put their own belongings in the basket, and they must hold the basket at all times.

During this time, Shalin rushes towards Shiv while carrying his suitcase. Archana runs to stop him, claiming, “The suitcases are provided by Bigg Boss, thus it’s not his.” She then alleges he pushed her and begins arguing with him that he wounded her.

Nimrit declares a victory for Gautam, but Shiv takes offense and accuses her of partiality. Shalin later assures Sajid that he will apologize if he is at fault, and Sajid warns him to cool up. Later, Shalin accuses Shiv of swearing at Sumbul, but Shiv insists that he only requested Shalin to leave.

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The MC Stan doubts Shalin’s honesty and asks why he won’t apologize to Archana for shoving her. Archana screams at him that she was harmed by his push. As a result of Shalin’s behavior, MC Stan becomes enraged and the two begin to argue. Later, Shalin tries to protect himself, and Sajid loses his temper and scares him.

Shalin acts agitated by avoiding the microphone and going outside to smoke. Tina tries to talk some sense into him. Bigg Boss orders Gautam to do something, and Gautam concludes that Shalin is to blame.

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Was Shalin Bhanot Responsible For Pushing Archana Gautam?

Bigg Boss said they reviewed the video and determined there was no malicious intent; rather, the incident occurred “in the heat of the game.” At a later time, Sajid tries to make amends with Shalin, but Shalin rejects his apology and tells him to go.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was named the first captain of Bigg Boss 16 last week. Bigg Boss reprimanded her for various violations that occurred while she was captain. Because of this, the candidates for captain have been given a new mission to complete.



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