What Happened to 'Call of the Wildman' Star

Turtleman Heart Attack Rumors: What Happened to ‘Call of the Wildman’ Star?

The Turtleman was in a terrible car accident that broke his bone and bruised his chest. In a Facebook Live broadcast from the hospital on March 15, 2022, the star of Call of the Wildman revealed that he had been hurt while chopping down a tree.

He disclosed that he had suffered a broken arm and ongoing chest discomfort as a result of the risky misstep. A fresh rumor is that the Turtleman may have had a heart attack as well. However, the celebrity in question has not made any such declarations. Why did this occur? What’s the status of the Turtleman?

What Happened to Turtleman?

The extent of Turtleman’s wounds from the recent accident is shown in a video uploaded to his official Facebook page. One of the tree limbs he was cutting hit him in the neck and shoulders. Saying, “I fractured a bone in my arm. Ernie may be heard saying, “I got hit by a tree limb approximately as big as my leg, and now my chest hurts.”

He then begged for his supporters to continue praying for him and thanked them for being there for him during his recuperation. Many people are relieved to see that Turtleman is still alive following the recent prank that went viral, and the video has received a lot of attention because of this.

Who is Ernie Brown Jr.?

Ernie became well-known after appearing on the Animal Planet reality show Call of the Wildman from 2011 to 2014. The show followed Ernie, who went by the moniker “Turtleman,” as he went all around Kentucky helping people get rid of dangerous and annoying bugs.

He attracted a big following because of the unique way he captured dangerous wildlife, often using nothing but his bare hands. The show was canceled after its fourth season. Despite all of this, Turtleman still has a dedicated fan base. However, every so often, internet rumors emerge claiming his death has already occurred, just as the one that appeared a few days ago.

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The Turtleman’s Accident Sparked a New Wave of Heart Attack Rumors.

The Turtleman thanks his loyal fanbase in the Facebook Live video, adding, “A simple “thank you” is in order. Turtle aficionados, you have my undying affection. I pray that your love for me matches mine. Please don’t stop praying for me.”

About the same time, a fresh round of rumors began circulating suggesting that the Turtleman may have died of a heart attack. A few times throughout the years, social media posts purporting to confirm the death of the Turtleman have surfaced, however, these posts are false.

Fans Wish Him a Speedy Recovery

Comments on Turtleman’s Facebook video are full of followers relieved to find out that the rumors of his death were false. In the comments area underneath his Facebook post, many have wished him a swift recovery. One person penned, “We are going to have to bubble wrap turtle man! “Your family and I are in our prayers.

Please know that the prayers of many are with you, Turtle Man. I am a devoted follower who never misses an episode. Wishing you a speedy recovery. “Love you,” wrote another adoring follower. The following fan gushed, “I love you Turtleman. I’ll keep you in my prayers. You’re one of the most resilient people I’ve ever met. Don’t give up!

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The Turtleman Shot to Fame with his role in ‘Call of the Wildman’

In the fall of 2011, Animal Planet aired the first episode of Call of the Wildman. The reality show, which features The Turtleman, Neal James, and others, provides an unfiltered look at the eccentric character’s everyday existence and out-of-the-ordinary antics in Lebanon, Kentucky.

After only three seasons, in the fall of 2014, Call of the Wildman was officially discontinued. Animal Planet aired a special titled “Call of the Wildman: The Beast of Special” in 2012.

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