What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer's Glasses

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses? Are They Still in Prison?

Due to the success — and controversy — of Netflix’s latest true crime blockbuster, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been in the headlines a lot recently.

Canadian true crime media marketplace Cult Collectibles owner Taylor James is selling a pair of aviator eyeglasses for $150,000, claiming they were worn by Dahmer in prison.

The Netflix series has received both praise and criticism since its release. It was the most-watched premiere of any Netflix show.

Though Evan Peters, a former cast member of “American Horror Story,” has received high praise for his portrayal of Dahmer, the show has been widely criticized for, among other things, being seen as glamorizing Dahmer at the expense of his victims.

Who Owns Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses?

At Cult Collectibles, there are further items from the serial killer’s 1994 death that are being auctioned off on the site. According to Cult Collectibles, several expensive items have already been purchased. James is handling sales of the eyewear himself. According to the media, the website has sold another pair of the killer’s glasses in the past.

The internet community has voiced their displeasure with the sale, adding to the ongoing discussion over Ryan Murphy’s series. To our knowledge, Cult Collectibles has yet to comment.

Ernest Owens, a journalist and editor-at-large for Philadelphia magazine, tweeted, “This is awful, history repeats itself.” Netflix has once again brought up the topic of Jeffrey Dahmer fans, which was discussed in the show. One hundred fifty thousand dollars for his eyewear.

Rita Isbell, whose victim impact statement about her brother Errol Lindsey is shown in the series, is just one example of a family member who has spoken out against the show.

According to an interview, She told reporter Kelsey Vlamis, in part, “I feel like Netflix should’ve asked whether we mind or how we felt about doing it,” but the streaming service never contacted her about the episode. No questions were posed to me. That’s all they did, really… That they are only interested in profiting from this catastrophe is tragic.

However, Netflix did not provide any kind of instant response or comment.

Since most of Dahmer’s victims were queer men of color, the term “monster” has drawn further scrutiny. Seventeen people were killed by Dahmer. A detailed account of the victims and what is known about their lives was just published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“The identities of the 17 boys and men Dahmer killed have frequently been forgotten in retellings of the killings — thrown together as a summary of names, ages, and last known sightings,” writes author JR Radcliffe.

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How Much Did Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses Sell For?

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer's Glasses

Vancouver, Canada-based Cult Collectibles dealer Taylor James told the media he will sell the serial killer’s jailhouse eyewear for $150,000.

Though Dahmer was found guilty of 16 murders and given a life sentence in 1992, he was murdered in jail just a few years later.

Taylor claims that he obtained the sunglasses and other Dahmer paraphernalia a few years ago after being approached by a former housekeeper for Jeffrey’s father, Lionel. Taylor agreed to oversee the collection and sell items through his online store in exchange for a cut of the proceeds.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Ever Take Off His Glasses?

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer's Glasses

Yes, but with one major caveat. Dahmer, who had worn spectacles for a large chunk of his life, took them off in the courtroom. Inside Edition interviewed his stepmother Shari Dahmer in 1992, and she said, “He can’t see anyone since he isn’t wearing glasses. To the point of fear, he thinks.”

Once, when he was sentenced to 15 life terms to be served consecutively in jail, was the only occasion Dahmer wore spectacles during the whole judicial process. The death penalty was no longer an option for Dahmer because it had been eliminated in Wisconsin many years before. Dahmer had said, “Frankly, I desired death for myself.”

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Why Did Jeffrey Dahmer Wear Yellow Contacts?

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer's Glasses

The colored contacts that Dahmer wore may help explain why he (and actor Evan Peters, who plays Dahmer) has such disturbing eyes. Dahmer, who was born with blue eyes, would put on bright yellow contacts so he could more easily stalk and assault males in homosexual bars.

According to Gisela K., author of “The Milwaukee Monster,” Dahmer was fixated on both Emperor Palpatine from “Star Wars” and “The Exorcist III.” The assailant would put on yellow lenses to fully immerse himself in the roles of the two film villains he was channeling.

Gisela K. writes in her book, “At his trial, The Exorcist III became a focal point as it was his favorite movie that he viewed at least twice or thrice a week for around six months before he was discovered.” After that, she said, “He resonated so deeply with the primary antagonist, the Gemini killer, that he bought yellow contact lenses to feel and look like him.”

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