where is edp445 now

Where is Youtuber EDP445 Now ?

In 2022, when this novel is set, EDP445 has become a social media sensation, present on virtually every major site. No one knows anything about EDP445, including whether or not they are still alive or where they are. Let’s analyse what transpired with EDP445 that has everyone concerned about his well-being and current location.

Who is EDP445?

where is edp445 now


Moreland gained prominence on YouTube due of his hugely famous user name, “EDP445” He amassed almost two million followers in less than ten years.

The vast majority of EDP445’s posts were humorous, based on his audacious attitude, and boasted of his devotion to the Philadelphia Eagles. The once-obscure YouTuber is now well recognised and highly esteemed.

Once a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show, he made an appearance on Comedy Central in 2014. During this time, he received an invitation to appear on Tosh.0, a programme hosted by Daniel Tosh. In April of 2021, however, everything went tragically wrong when the media personality was seen in a sexually provocative position.

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Is EDP445 Dead?

Since no reputable news sources have announced EDP445’s demise, the short answer to “Is EDP445 Dead?” is no. EDP445 is a YouTuber whose work and personal experiences have sparked controversy among his peers and Internet users.

But if he was so well-known, why do people continue to speculate that EDP445 is deceased when it has not been confirmed? After what happened to EDP445, EDP445’s notoriety gradually diminished. The majority of video-sharing platforms have removed EDP445 after it was withdrawn, leaving a void. There was an instant flurry of enquiries for EDP445’s well-being from those who were unaware of what had occurred.

Where is EDP445 Now?

Is Youtuber EDP445 Still Alive Or Dead? What Were The Allegations Against  Him? - Lee Daily

EDP445 disclosed on YouTube and other social media platforms that he was from Bakersfield, California, but his current whereabouts is unclear. After he abruptly disappeared from YouTube and other video-sharing social media platforms in April 2021, EDP445’s fans began to wonder if he was still alive and where he went.

Recently, it was discovered that EDP445 was submitting movies to TikTok, but many people believe he will soon be banned from the platform.

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Just What Were the Charges Leveled Against Him?

His inappropriate internet connections with youngsters were disclosed by an organisation known as the Predator Poachers. The 31-year-old admitted speaking with a minor, and it was stated that he intended to meet up with the juvenile. The 13-year-old was a ruse created by the Predator Poachers to expose the YouTuber’s poor taste.

They then revealed that they were the ones behind the 13-year bogus account. old’s Moreland’s and the young teen’s conversation logs were also made public. The Predator Poachers spilt the beans in a YouTube video that has since been deleted.

The viral personality allegedly sent sexually explicit photos and messages to the minor via his verified Instagram account. His appearance has now inspired several reaction memes. As the allegations gained traction, YouTube terminated Moreland’s channel and all of his other accounts.

When EDP445 was Banned from YouTube, What Happened to Him?

The content creator disappeared from social media for some time after his misbehaviour came to light, leaving everyone to wonder what he was up to. Other YouTubers have speculated that he is now a deliveryman or Lyft driver.

However, none of the preceding possibilities appear to hold water. With regard to internet communities, EDP445 has not vanished. Despite the fact that popular social media sites are restricted in the content creator’s nation, he has joined the online community. On the Livestream application Bigo, Moreland was observed creating content and rebranding himself.

Some parents and instructors have protested about the app’s apparent overt interactivity between Moreland and children.


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