Why Has David Tennant Returned to Doctor Who? An Examination

Why Has David Tennant Returned to Doctor Who? An Examination

As announced in May 2022, former “Doctor Who” star David Tennant would return to the iconic science fiction series alongside his former companion Catherine Tate as Donna Noble for the 60th anniversary of the show.

In the recent special that commemorated the conclusion of Jodie Whitaker’s tenure as the Doctor, Whovians got their first look at the returning Doctor. However, Tennant’s entrance in “The Power of the Doctor” was not precisely how Whovians anticipated seeing the Tenth Doctor return. Well, I suppose it is now the Fourteenth Doctor!

In the episode, the Thirteenth Doctor is compelled to regenerate into the Master as a result of illogical reasoning. During this time, while Sacha Dhawan’s insane Time Lord is in control of The Doctor’s body, she encounters a mysterious figure in the Ancestral Plane.

Why Has David Tennant Returned to Doctor Who? An Examination

This being within The Doctor’s psyche, dubbed the Guardians of the Edge of Existence, can alter their appearance to match her previous regenerations, notably her first (David Bradley), fifth (Peter Davison), sixth (Colin Baker), seventh (Sylvester McCoy), and eighth incarnations (Paul McGann).

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They inform the most recent version of the Doctor that a Time Lord’s body is still unstable after a regeneration, especially after a forced regeneration, and that time is running out to reclaim it.

The Doctor eventually regains her body with the help of Yaz but is fatally injured during her final fight with the Master. Following a final ice cream cone with her closest companion from this era of the programme, the Doctor’s time to regenerate has arrived. And when she does, she emerges with the Doctor’s recognizable teeth.

How could that ever be possible? Some hints from the previous decades of the series may provide some insight.

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