Ban On Condom Ads: How we are Annexing to a Vulnerable Youth and A Regressive Nation

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India the second largest economy in the world, has seen evolution in terms of infrastructure, education, FDI, poverty eradication and almost every other possible sector. And then one fine day you turn on the television and see the headline which reads, ‘ Condom ads to be banned from 6 am to 10 pm’. Ban on condom ads in the 21st century!

Paradoxical! Isn’t it?
Knowing about the ban on condom ads must have made you annoyed in the first place. But literally, it was so funny to know about the mentality of the leaders of our nation. Yes, this is 2017!
The I&B ministry on December 11 ordered all television channels, to air condom ads only after 10 pm until 6 am.


Hence it is proved that in a nation where rapes and sexual assaults tend to reoccur the most! Our leaders and mentors are the only people responsible for making our youth vulnerable to commit such crimes and leading India to be in a highly regressive shape. Obviously because of the insufficiency of understanding of such critical issues. (Also check out about net neutrality in India)


The reason given for banning the condom ads is that they are inappropriate for children. Also that the ban is imposed to protect them from ‘vulgar’ content. Little do they know, how important it is to educate our young generation about sexual health and make them aware of their own bodies! They are so vulnerable to experimenting with their sexuality which thereafter has many repercussions on their health and psychology.

Condoms are one of the contraceptives used for birth control. And in a country with the second highest rate of population growth, we are only adding up to our problems, by such banning practices. No wonder why talking about safe sex is still a taboo in our nation. Resultant we can see the increase in the level of youngsters being affected by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.Image result for condom ad ban


This has a direct implication on the fact that how the vulnerability and lack of awareness among our youngsters are also leading to such crimes. The taboo nature of the subject is moreover pushing the generation to get information about it through all the incorrect sources. This, therefore, leads to the occurrence of unwanted practices and increased complications, especially among our young generation.

It’s true that not showing condom ads on television will not be such a big deal! But ban on condom ads because they are ‘obscene’ and ‘inappropriate’ depicts that no matter where we rank in terms of development and innovation, we can never be called a developed nation. All because of such mindsets that actually govern and lead our country. Because let’s accept it, growth and development go hand in hand and are fundamental to the growth of the citizens of the nation.


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