Firecracker Ban- Till what extent is it Right?


After the verdict by the Supreme Court of India today calling for the firecrackers ban till Nov 1 that means no “Patakha Diwali” this year in Delhi-NCR and the Twitter reaction war which was started by famous Indian author Chetan Bhagat who got into a “radical Hindu” gimmick and questioned the court ‘ s motive itself and which was followed by Shehzad Poonawaala etc in counter the debate on banning the firecrackers has started for it’s Yes or No stance .


What happened today?

Supreme Court today gave verdict prohibiting the offer of fireworks till November 1, saying it needs to survey the effect reporting in real time quality. In November a year ago, the court had ceased the offer of firecrackers inside the National Capital Region, which incorporates Delhi and adjacent territories, following an appeal to hailing the disturbing ascent in contamination levels after Diwali.

A month ago, the court incidentally suspended the boycott and permitted the offer of wafers, saying an entire boycott would be an “outrageous advance”, and a “reviewed approach” was expected to handle contamination. The boycott will now go simply after November 1.


Chetan Bhagat reacts radically

What’s Diwali for kids without wafers? Chetan Bhagat asked not long after the Supreme Court maintained its restriction on the offer of sparklers in Delhi and NCR areas until November 1.

“Would I be able to simply ask on saltine boycott. Why just guts to do this for Hindu celebrations? Restricting goat relinquish and Muharram gore soon as well?” Bhagat said in another tweet.

Bhagat additionally said those needing to change celebrations like Diwali, should “demonstrate a similar enthusiasm in transforming different celebrations brimming with violence.” (like  Muslim community festivals like Muharram and Bakrid).


Two on Two Reasons why it should be banned and why it should not be


  • the effect of wafers on kids is far more noteworthy than it is on grown-ups on the grounds that their protection component is significantly poorer and their capacity to process and detoxify natural specialists is extraordinary.
  • fireworks have carbon and sulphur and they create a scope of gasses. Also, there are various chemicals that go about as a shading specialist, decreasing operator, oxidiser, stabilizer and folio.              



  • The consuming of fireworks has been in the Hindu convention for a considerable length of time and all of a sudden actualizing a restriction on it may hurt their religious estimations. Firecrackers have been a natural piece of the Diwali festivities and not simply Hindus, but rather individuals of other religion similarly share in this celebration.
  • Rather than restricting the firecrackers, there could be reformatory measures to reduce the measure of these fireworks that could be scorched in a solitary day. A few zones close clinics and maturity homes ought to have sparkler restriction rules which ought to be entirely actualized.





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