Present Education System In India: Why Do We Need To Change?

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The Present Education System in India has been criticised and outlined as ‘flawed’ for many years. All our youth is being taught today, is how to score marks and attain well-earning jobs.

But where does the learning and creativity part go? What about developing an individuals personality? And giving them the freedom to introspect and determine their goals themselves?

Well, the majority of us are aware of how the rat race is leading to the manufacturing of human robots. Instead of creating a treasure trove of innovation and intellect, which is supposed to be done, indeed.

“In its failure to value differences in the way people learn, the educational process often suppresses intuition, creativity, and your sense of identity.” -Laurie Nadel

WHAT IS THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM? Current Issues in Education

The fundamental problem with the education system in India is that we’re directed towards learning or rather ‘mugging up’ the already established perceptions.

Correspondingly, there is a lack of enthusiasm to initiate one’s own judgment.

Little do we realize, that every child is unique and has different analyzing capacities. Everyone thinks differently. Everyone has a distinct psyche. However, the education system makes every child think the same and have identical potentials.



WHERE DOES IT BEGIN? True Meaning of Education

In schools, we are given a predetermined answer to every question we ask. Instead of motivating us to come up with ideas of our own we’re instructed to mug up the same content.
That too right from kindergarten!

The vision an individual carries has a direct implication on the growth of our youth an, in turn, our nation. Be it the career or any other decision, our youth lacks ambition and transformation.

Moreover, we talk about educating our children. And using education as a ‘tool’ for economic development.

But are we really procuring the appropriate process for the same? Why is it that even after graduation, a majority of us are unable to secure employment?

As a matter of fact, we are aware of the answers.

Purpose of Education Today | THE REASON FOR NO INNOVATION?

Another inference that comes to light from the paradigm is, that students are satisfied with getting a salary job. There is no ambition of becoming an entrepreneur and taking leadership roles. Which is a contradiction for one of the world’s fastest-growing economy!

In so many cases the extraordinary traits of a child are destroyed.

Why? Because maybe our system is too reluctant to adapt to any kind of change! Or maybe because we are still too conservative as a nation to value the unerring.

The intelligence of a student is still determined by his or her report card. The top scorers in a classroom are considered the best. And what about the students scoring lower marks? They are termed as failures and unsuccessful!

So, this is the hard-hitting reality of today’s education system!


The process is very simple.

  • We are shut up in schools

Made to learn formulas and theories, not understanding even a word sometimes.

  • We struggle to fulfill our passions and dreams.
  • And almost after ruining our childhood we graduate.
  • Not to mention, with a certificate containing numbers which will control our future, thereon.

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By the same token, we are ‘accused’ of not performing well in our corporate lives. And by the time we realize the inadequacy of our mindset, it gets too late, perhaps.


Memorising is not learning. Creativity, original thinking, research, and innovation is fundamental. Freedom to pursue the subjects that appeal to us is of prime importance. Giving us the ‘right‘ to self-observation and self-analysis is what we need!

And it’s high time our leaders and authorities understand it.


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