Is India Right Not To Let Rohingya Muslims In? Who’s right & who’s not



From the past one month or we shall say the whole month of September has went into the debate of “Rohingya Muslims” and started the battle of debate between the so called both ‘secular’ and ‘communal’ (both sides changes colours often if observed neutrally so one is sure to get confused !) secular say on the ground of humanity India should let the “poor and innocent” Rohingya Muslims and after Myanmar state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi ’s criticism and declaring Rohingya Muslims as an internal threat for her country bolstered the anti- Rohingya side or purposely called the communal side on the ground that these people are not even accepted in their homeland and that’s they were drove off by the erstwhile peaceful Buddhists in order to save homeland and thus justified their “ethnic cleansing” .

The criticism by Suu Kyi may have given her support and fame from India but worldwide she was criticised by pro-humanity groups and as a result she has been stripped off her Oxford Freedom Honour and demands of her Nobel Prize award stripping is also getting strong voices .  Back in India a recent coverage towards (maybe to strengthen the communal angle and justify to tag them as threat and killers) some media outlets specially in broadcast showcased that Hindu community who are a micro minority (0.5% as of 2014) are in plight when the grave of 28 Hindus killed in Myanmar and it is alleged that Rohingya Muslims killed them and India is right to stop the illegal immigrants who are killers not victims .


Here we shall find out three concrete things :

  • Who are Rohingya Muslims and what s their issue ?
  • Mystery over Hindus killed in Myanmar .
  • India’s Interest : are they right or not to let them in .



Who are Rohingya Muslims and what’s their issue ?

 The Rohingya Muslims are a stateless Indo-Aryan individuals from Rakhine State, Myanmar. There were an expected 1 million Rohingya living in Myanmar before the 2016– 17 emergency (the larger part are Muslim while a minority are Hindu.) Described by the United Nations in 2013 as a standout amongst the most abused minorities on the planet.

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Larger part of the Rakhine Buddhists trust that ‘Rohingya’ is a manufactured religious character. They go ahead to refer to authentic reports to guarantee that the Burmese past never had any group called Rohingya and that the individuals who allude to themselves by the name are essentially foreigners from advanced Bangladesh who were gotten by the British.


The Rohingya Muslims, then again, is the solid conviction that their group has had profound established presence in Burmese past and that they are to be sure unique tenants of Rakhine. As a component of her task to comprehend the Rohingya’s feeling of character, Farzana Kazi Fahmida completed a broad research venture in the South East corner of Bangladesh that right now houses a substantial number of Rohingya outcasts. Her connections with the displaced people uncovered that the Rohingyas, in their socio-social space display a solid feeling of personality established in the Burmese country.

An intricate ethnic personality, with different roots, because of advanced legislative issues, set into a solitary umbrella term called the ‘Rohingyas’ as, as a general rule, it s not simply Muslims but rather Hindus as well.



The Rohingya populace are denied citizenship under the 1982 Myanmar nationality law . Myanmar law does not perceive the ethnic minority as one of the eight “national races”. They are likewise confined from opportunity of development, state training and common administration occupations. The legitimate conditions looked by the Rohingya in Myanmar have been contrasted and Apartheid.



The Myanmar government on September 27 declared it had discovered a mass grave of Hindus close Fakirabazar, where no less than 27 corpses of neighborhood Hindus were covered. A gathering of neighborhood and remote columnists were traveled to the spot by the Myanmar armed force and demonstrated disintegrating skeletal bodies laid out in lines on a field outside the town, as upset relatives moaned adjacent. The Myanmar Army faulted the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army for this butcher. That day, the Rakhine state government asked Hindu evacuees who fled to Bangladesh to return, promising they will be tended to in Sittwe, . Another perspective approached when various Hindu displaced people while touching base in Bangladesh had told the media that they had lost their fathers and spouses on account of Myanmar armed force for their hesitance to share in Muslim slaughtering in Rakhine.

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The Rohingya extremist gathering ARSA has emphatically reproved the affirmations brought by the Myanmar army.”ARSA completely precludes that any from securing its individual from soldiers executed murder, sexual savagery, or persuasive enlistment in the town of Fakirabazar, Riktapur and Chikonchhari in Maungdaw approximately 25 August 2017,” the announcement issued on Wednesday said.


Rohingya displaced people say that since ARSA’s assault, the Myanmar armed force began a dangerous crackdown and executed many villagers paying little heed to their religious personalities.


India issued a provoke reaction when Myanmar armed force reported its finding of mass graves, approaching the nation’s administration to convey to equity culprits of the wrongdoing.


“We have passed on our worries about the influenced individuals to Myanmar. The influenced families ought to be given proper remuneration,” Raveesh Kumar, the Indian External undertakings Ministry representative, told the press.


It is can be easily understood it’ s the mixture of both government , fascist Buddhist groups to persecute the Rohingya Muslim just because they are not pure according to them so taking an excuse of already endangered Hindus they are attacking the Muslims and making run for their lives in which Hindus are also there. A simple logic in mind runs and states : Has anyone seen a photo or video of Rohingya Muslim killing a Rohingya Hindu ? Can poor, naked people who are running for their lives kill others?




India’ s Interest : Are they right or not to let them in?

Yes , India is absolutely just in this situation not to let them in and that s because on the ground of law and not because being anti- Islamic because if that was the situation Pakistani Muslims living in Rajasthan border refugee would have been deported or killed if worst is to be thought. The point is they don’t have proper identification papers and thus are illegal immigrants . The world has seen the having blind humanity when refugees from Syria were allowed into Europe which is resulted in attacks from France to UK and even USA now which are still going so UNHRC should reconsider their own move before having a foul cry and as for India’s interest there is a simple theory of International theory that a nation’s security is foremost above any other international commitment . When you are yourself protected then only you can think of protecting others !


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