Trolling celebrities on social media doesn’t make you famous


The age of social media is no doubt empowering. It indeed provides the user with a voice. A voice to represent themselves on international platform. But are the voices strong enough? Yes, they are. They are so strong that they can bring down a government. And even can make an ordinary person to turn into a famous celebrity overnight. However, there are some recent incidents which may affect the dignity of other individuals. Trolling celebrities is one of such incidents.

Today itself veteran actress Anushka Sharma faced the trolls on twitter. She had been a victim of social media trolls earlier and yet again. This time she was trolled for getting spotted among the Indian cricket team.

Today The Board of Cricket Control in India shared a picture on Twitter at the High Commission of India in London. Anushka Sharma is spotted next to Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

Trolling celebrities on social media doesn't make you famous
BCCI shared the picture of Indian Cricket team on Twitter

And sooner the social media was full of trolls and criticisms. The attacks were at personal level. Soon the threads started generating asking the presence of Anushka Sharma in the group photo.

Trolling celebrities on social media doesn't make you famous
Anushka Sharma’s reply to trolls

However she always kept her cool and faced the media with an upright answer. She said that she won’t react to people who wants to pull down other people because of their low esteem.

Moreover, she is not the only one who got trolled on social media. There are many celebrities, some known and some unknown who have been through all this.

Other celebrity trolling incidents

Many celebrities are victim of these social media trolls. So who are these trollers? What do they want? Do they troll only for fun or intentionally hurt other people?

Well, all these questions do not have a specific answers. Troller is an individual who trolls other person on the internet. An article by Wikipedia says Internet troll is a deliberate act of provoking the readers or disrupt them emotionally.

So we have listed some of the recent trolling incidents that caught media attention:

  1. Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas. The whole internet was revved with the breaking news. Some of them said that the couple looked cute and some bashed them. The internet trolls revolved around the age difference of the love birds. But the question is why? It doesn’t seem any valid reason to troll someone’s relation on the grounds of religion, caste or age. Moreover, it is not mandatory that in a relation girl should always be younger than the boys. However, they didn’t pay any heed to the trolls and eventually will tie a knot.
  2. Sushma Swaraj internet trolls.
  3. Saina Nehwal also had to face similar criticisms from a fan but she calmly handled the trolls. And later on the fan apologized even. But damage’s once done.
  4. Hema Malini trolled for CM tweet.
  5. PM Shri Narendra Modi was also the victim of troll parade.
  6. TRAI chief Mr. R.S Sharma for openly displaying his aadhaar number.

And there are so many more. Most importantly these were hurting the dignity of a person. For fun friends are better place to go.

Statistics on internet trolls

Internet trolling is not only just a favorite pass time but it also reflects about the personality of a person.

Trolling celebrities on social media doesn't make you famous
American trolling statistics

It gives headaches to both the readers and involved person. The SociallyAware blog came up with an article regarding internet trolling and its impact on online business as well. The findings suggest that online trolls affect the social media marketing. The online businesses in America are now removing the comment section from their websites. As the section becomes one of the sources of trolling. Around 65% of 18-29 years old have experienced online harassment. 27% of online users faced insults through these trolls. And they most likely encounter trolls once a week.

A study by Erin Buckels and colleagues at Manitoba University, Canada designed a survey. The survey questions were designed to assess the personality of individuals to know who these trollers actually are. This was called “The Dark Tetrad of personality”. The tetrad included characteristics like narcissismMachiavellianism, psychopathy and sadism. The results were quite astounding and were published by the guardian article “Internet trolls are real life troll“.

Trolling celebrities on internet doesn't make you famous
Dark Tetrad of Personality results

The trollers showed high level of all the traits. Thus, they are trolling themselves in real life.

In India, the scenario is quite the same.

Internet trolling measures in India

India is now very busy trolling on social media platforms. Thus, spending their productive hours in an unproductive way.

Only because one has freedom of expression in Indian constitution doesn’t mean one can verbally abuse anybody.

Therefore, youth channel of India, MTV came up with the idea of Troll PoliceThe objective was to take on the trollers in India who have been abusive to celebrities.

Trolling celebrities on social media doesn't make you famous
MTV troll Police

Ferzad Palia, Head, Youth, Music and English Entertainment, Viacom18 said, “Though trolling is a broad term. We genuinely feel that trolling is a serious offence and it has become a concern, we should address. Through Troll Police, our objective is to create awareness and educate the youth that though we enjoy our rights to freedom of speech but using indecent language can have bitter consequences.”

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Trolling someone on internet might be amusing to some but ultimately it will not render any productivity.

A better investment of time into productive activities will surely enhance individual skill sets and help India grow. After all, small steps cumulatively drive growth. So trolling celebrities won’t make you famous but your contribution to something productive may.

Trolling celebrities on social media doesn't make you famous
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Trolling celebrities on social media doesn't make you famous
Internet trolling has become a fashion to just bash out someone if they mentalities don't match. But it will definitely not make you famous.
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