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Okay, this is something most of Indians always wonder and question that why we are still  a developing nation. Upto 17th century India was one of the richest countries in the world accounting to 27% of the global GDP at that time, also mentioned by Dr. Shashi Tharoor. So, after independence we were left economically drained struggling to survive the global wave. Once called a “Golden Bird” is still struggling to regain it’s title even after 70 years of independence.

By the way, here is the following list of some of the countries that got independence after India :

May 14, 1948 – Israel
August 31, 1957 – Malaysia
June 19, 1961 – Kuwait
August 9, 1965 – Singapore
August 15, 1971 – Bahrain
Sept. 3, 1971 – Qatar
December 2, 1971 – United Arab Emirates
July 10, 1973 – Bahamas
October 1, 1978 – Tuvalu
March 11, 1990 – Lithuania
June 25, 1991 – Slovenia

Of course, there is no relationship between development and independence of nation. It depends at what point nation was in terms of HDI, population, GDP and Literacy rate when it got independence. When British left India whole subcontinent was in mess. Two nation theory, Migration chaos, Famines, low literacy rate. Even some people used to say “God is running India”.

So, in this article we are going to briefly and critically examine that why India lagged behind in this rat race.

What British left us behind in terms of governance was bureaucracy & federal form of governance. Of course this was much better than patrimonial administrative system where no merit was checked & arbitrary decisions practiced in their natural manner.


Talking about bureaucracy, the whole work is divided clearly from top to bottom & there exists a superior subordinate relationship at every level.

Home Ministry

Home Secrataries

Deputy Secretaries

Under Deputy Secretaries

Section Officers

Assistant SO



Pandey ji (rhetorical)

It avoids information overload at highest of decision making, however the same hierarchy causes Red Tapism, rigidity, delay, corruption etc.


Now coming back to where we started. Why India is still lagging behind? Well to develop a nation what do you need? Industrial investments according to its market, investment in infrastructure, health facilities,  agriculture, electricity, resources, most important of all, investment in EDUCATION.

Where do all investments come from? Funds allocated. Funds allocated by government which are later directed to pass on the hierarchical levels of bureaucracy. So, the funds are drained down the line as they reach down level by level and hence are available at minimal value, thanks to the corruption.

Also, let’s not just talk about funds allocated. For development to take place, implementation of policies is necessary as well. Policies are proposed by bureaucrats and the decision for it’s implementation lies with the “Elected” men in power.


Now in our country there is a funny scenario which you will all agree to. After years of education, qualifying merit, hard work and training, a person becomes a Bureaucrat only to find out that the people whom they would be taking orders from or you can say with whom would be cooperating with the wishes of,  has not even qualified 10th standard(not to be precise, but it can vary within a  large spectrum of academic qualifications). They are there in the power because they were elected which may or may not be because of local or religious influence or dynasty politics. Majority of the members in legislation don’t know what they are doing. They are either shouting or abusing the opposition instead of constructive criticism so that better policies can be implemented.

Also, let’s not just blame corruption on the men in power only. Common man is equally participant too. Tonnes of examples can be given where corruption involves our day to day lives. Bottom line being, it starts from the smallest level through a common man and ends up effecting them in the largest of levels. Talking about various facets of exploitation, economic exploitation expanded into religious intolerance, communal affiliation are linked with regional politics. Also, not forgetting the role of nefarious media & it’s propaganda, social security, proper labor laws are nowhere to be seen. So, what is the core of all this? Keep the masses confused & controlled while the highest hierarchy blooms & makes paper promises.

So, now you see the bigger picture? What does a country full of irresponsible, greedy, self centered and uneducated men in power give you? Answer is ” 70 years of Still a developing country tag”.


But today the scenario is changing. Besides the need for exceptional economic, educational & social reforms. The common people of India are becoming aware each day. Perhaps the need of the hour is responsible, ethical, educated and work oriented people at power. Youth, who are the backbone of this country should be willing to participate in all spheres more than ever. Because deep inside every Indian knows and believes what we as a country are capable of achieving while working on these issues simultaneously.

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