Promoting Your KDP Book: Marketing Strategies for Authors

Promoting Your KDP Book: Marketing Strategies for Authors

KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing lets you self-publish paperbacks, eBooks, and also hardcover books all for free. KDP gives you straightforward access to your books on Amazon as well as lets you create a detailed page of products for your books.

Also, it provides you with the possibility to expand the availability of your book on an international scale, making the book more available to readers all around the globe.

Self-Publishing on Amazon: A Step By Step Visual Guide

Publishing a book with KDP delivers you full ownership of the book, which certainly isn’t something any conventional publishing company allows.

Are you prepared to start the journey? Read the article to know it all…

What’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?

KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing is a self-publishing platform presented by Amazon that lets authors sell their books to Amazon’s huge audience but you won’t have to go through the hassle of a conventional publishing business. 

With Kindle Direct Publishing, authors can make paperback books and ebooks,  all without any inventory orders or upfront costs. Besides, KDP offers authors full ownership of their books, which traditional publishing companies typically will not do.

In case you’re an author, KDP will be a great method to get your book published as well as listed for sale all for free! You will not pay charges to Amazon unless you make any sale.

How Does Publishing On KDP Work?

Publishing on KDP is a medium for authors to perform self-publish for paperback books and eBooks.

For Paperback Books

Authors upload their book files for printed books, and KDP Publishing utilizes print-on-demand (POD) technology to publish the paperback book after it is ordered; the cost of printing will be deducted from the royalties you receive for each book sold.

What to sell on Amazon KDP (and how): a guide for Amazon sellers

For eBooks

For eBooks, writers can submit their book files directly, and the file will then show up in the Kindle shop as an eBook that customers can buy and immediately download.

Here is how Publishing On KDP functions:

  • Upload the files of your book to Amazon KDP.
  • Publish the book on the Amazon KDP platform.
  • Readers can buy your eBook as well as instantly download that to their devices.
  • Bookworms can buy your paperback file and the KDP platform of Amazon will utilize print-on-demand (POD) technology to publish and ship the book instantly to the reader as soon as bought.
  • Amazon will reimburse you book royalties for each book marketed on the Amazon KDP platform.

What Kinds of Content Can You Publish Via KDP?

KDP lets you publish Kindle (eBooks) and Hardcover and Paperback (print books). Nevertheless, KDP doesn’t let the design of magazines, calendars, periodicals, or even spiral-bound books.

The following types of content are simply a few samples of the content styles that are often produced with Amazon KDP:

  • Book Series
  • Novels
  • Comics
  • Textbooks
  • Children’s Books
  • Journals
  • Cookbooks
  • Poetry


Here are 3 easy steps that you can follow to publish on KDP. Let’s get started…


  • Log on to the KDP portal using your Amazon credentials
  • Then enter your details and bank details to complete the registration process


  • Go to the Bookshelf option.
  • Click on Start a New Title
  • Enter your book details as well as upload the manuscript
  • Upload a design  for the cover or simply create one utilizing the Cover Creator software


  • Decide where you wish to sell as well as how much you wish to price
  • Finally, hit the Publish button.

Ways To Promote Your KDP Book: Marketing Strategies for Authors

The most crucial factor in inspiring reader excitement is quality. The likelihood that a book will sell increases with quality. But by making your book unique, you can increase reader excitement.

Create a Captivating Cover For Your Book

Since Amazon displays thumbnail cover photos in search results, automatic merchandising, and description pages, you should design a cover that looks well both as a full-sized picture and as a thumbnail. To create an engaging cover, we advise using our Cover Creator tool.

Write a Captivating Description

Customers can read your book description to learn more about it before they buy, so use this as an opportunity to persuade readers to do so.

Edit And Proofread The Book

Books with typos and grammar mistakes could attract unfavorable consumer evaluations.

Introduce Yourself to The Readers

Create a complete author profile. View and update the books that are listed on Amazon Author Central, upload a profile photo, and add a biography.

Promote Book Online

Use social media to freely connect with potential readers. With Kindle quick book previews, share an URL to a free sample of your book. To market your book, create accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, you may make an online presence for your book, publish on message boards, interact in user groups, and advertise it on websites all over the Internet.

Upload Book Trailers And Videos

Amazon’s Author Pages give you a spot to showcase your video book trailers, which self-published writers frequently make to promote their works online.

If you want to make eye-catching book trailers, you can try FlexClip

Note: Videos and photos are known only for non-US Writer Pages.

Encourage Readers to Leave Feedback Or Reviews

Make sure you both adhere to Amazon’s Client Review Creation Guidelines for Paid Reviews if you’re offering a potential reviewer a free preview reader copy of your book.

You are not allowed to demand or make an effort to sway a review. Please refer to our Community Guidelines for additional details.


You may publish & sell paperbacks in the United States, Europe, and Japan with the aid of KDP paperback publishing. On KDP, you may order author (wholesale) copies of your paperbacks as well as proofs.

You can also enable Expanded Distribution to make your paperback available through bookstores, internet merchants, libraries, and educational organizations.

You must now have got a better idea of how KDP works and how any author, regardless of dimension, may self-publish the books they write.

KDP can aid you in achieving a wide variety of audiences no matter what you publish. It can be a scientific textbook, children’s book, or mystery thriller.

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