Fatwa Issued Against Triple Talaq Crusader:’No Medicine,No Burial At Graveyard’


Nida Khan has become a campaigner against practices like triple talaq and Nikah Halala,in which a woman has to be married to someone for one night to remarry her husband after divorce.

In a controversial move, a cleric at Bareilly’s influential Dargah Aala Hazrat seminary passed a fatwa asking people to boycott Nida Khan- an  instant triple talaq victim who has been running an NGO for women who too are victims of the practice and nikah halala – or face “dismissal” from Islam .

Nida Khan

Though the copy of the written fatwa uses the name ‘Hinda’ instead of ‘Nida’,a clerical later told mediapersons that the fatwa has been passed for Nida.

Triple Talaq: All You Need to Know About Controversial Muslim Divorce

With Supreme Court geared up to adjudicate upon the legal aspects of the practices of triple talaq,’Nikah Halala’ and polygamy among the Muslims ,the Central Government submitted its four questions for the Apex court’s consideration which involves whether at all these practices stands safeguarded  under Article 25(1) of the constitution and International treaties.

“Fatwa” Against Triple Talaq Victim

A cleric at an influential seminary in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh has put out a fatwa or decree against a woman who was given a “triple talaq” divorce by her husband and now runs a non-profit to help others like her.

Nida Khan was married to Usman Raza Khan or Anzu Miyan in 2015 but was divorced after a year of marriage.She contested the “triple talaq” in a civil court and won.She has alleged that in a year that she was married,her husband,who is from a prominent family of clerics,assaulted her so badly that she suffered a miscarriage.

No Medicines ,no grave,no grave for Nida Khan,the cleric has ordered in his fatwa.

The diktat says: “No Medicines will be provided if she falls ill.If she dies,no one is allowed to offer ‘namaz’ on her ‘janaza’(funeral procession).She cannot be buried in the kabristan(graveyard) after her death.”

Those who help or support her will face similar punishment,the cleric,Shahar Imam Mufti Khurshid Alam,says.


Imam of Bareilly’s Jama Masjid has issued a ‘fatwa’ against the triple talaq victim

“No Muslim is to maintain contact with her until she apologizes and retracts her anti-Islam,” said the cleric,explaining that the women invited such action fro criticizing the practices of Islam.

Nida Khan then became a campaigner against many such practices,including Nikah Halala,in which a woman has to be married to someone for one night to remarry her husband after a divorce.

Reacting to Imam’s diktat ,Ms Khan said “India is a democratic country.No one can ostracize.Only Allah can decide who is guilty”.




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