Meet This Social Service NGO Team Helping People Of Delhi/NCR in This Winter Season


Certainly, not all Heroes wear capes. These heroes have started their own NGO to help people in Need for what is considered the most essential & need of all time. Clothes. They don’t need any cape, neither any superpower. All they have is strong willpower, compassion & empathy.


What is Drop-in all about?

Every winter, the mercury dips so low in the city of Delhi and in NCR that we need several layers of clothing even inside our cosy homes, inside our quilts and blankets. In such a situation survival becomes a challenge for the homeless and poor, with no roof over their heads, with no warmth, no blankets and no clothes. ‘Drop in’ is an organization for the homeless, the needy and the lost, with an initiative to provide clothes to these homeless and poor people.


How and what do they do?

‘Drop in‘ works on the simple principle ‘best out of waste’. We urge out friends, relatives, neighbors, peers and multitudes of others through the medium of social media to donate winter clothes which are not being used by them anymore. We collect the clothes from the people willing to donate and when the collection becomes good enough, we go to several slums and other areas to donate these clothes.

To donate Clothes, check out their facebook page – Drop In. Give them a call (093116 93919) & they will be at your Door. Participate in this good cause now!

Some Glimpses :

Drop in NGO social service

drop in ngo social service

The Team. currently runs under 3 people and we have 25 volunteers in Delhi and NCR! we are a team of three students with a mutual vision to be the change we want to see in the society and work for the betterment of the society to provide happiness for all! The initiative was started two years ago and received an overwhelming response :). those million-dollar smiles have proved to be the motivation for us all and it keeps us going despite ups and downs.

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Their Vision

In the past two years ‘drop in’ has been a grand success all around Delhi and NCR, but we believe that this is just the beginning. We want to spread our initiative all across the nation of India. We have got many partners from various states who are willing to be a part of our organization and to help us take our initiative to the rural and extremely backward ends of the country. We hope to achieve all this in the coming years!

TheirĀ  Motto: ‘One cannot help everybody but everybody can help somebody!’ – John Lennon

It’s said that that helping one person might not change the whole world but it could change the world for one person. So, we urge again to donate to this good cause.

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