Check Out These 10 Quirkiest New Year Traditions Around the World!

new year traditions around the world 2018

Tick Tock! Tick Tock! As 2017 breathes its last, and New Year takes its baby steps, here it is that time of the year again where excitement is palpable and euphoria is at its peak. Well, before you launch your New Year brigade, we have brought you a couple of New Year Traditions Around the World that claim to provide a bit of tiny-winy luck.

A few drops of fantasy coupled with a bit of quirk, mixed with a lot of excitement and Ta Da! Here is a list of New Year Traditions Around the World, that are practised to add that little ‘oomph’ to the New Year Celebrations.

From Running with empty suitcases to wearing coloured underwear on ‘New Year’, we have got everything covered. While we can’t assure about the results, we can however, guarantee you that they are really fun to read.

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1) Want to travel this year? Well! Grab your suitcase and run as fast you can.

In Colombia, there is belief that if you run around your house or your block, with a suitcase in hand, the chances of you getting to travel that year, multiplies. However, the condition is that you need to run precisely at 12:00 midnight. The faster you run, the higher the probability, of you, having a travel filled year. Colombians, even arrange a race with their family and friends, the one who comes last doesn’t get to travel that year.

2) Spend some quite time in a graveyard

Sounds bizarre, right? Well, not for the people of Chile where locals have found a way to celebrate New Year with their deceased loved ones. Every New Year, the locals bring food and drinks to the graveyard and light small fires. They even decorate the graves of their loved ones. The aim is to make sure that their dead are not alone at the time of celebrations.

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3) Want to express love? Throw away pots and pans and make some noise

People in Denmark have devised a new way to express their love. This tradition believes in throwing unwanted crockery at midnight in front of the doorstep of the loved ones. The locals believe that breaking glass brings good luck. Moreover, it is also considered to be a sign of loyalty.


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4) Jump into a frozen lake

With a tree trunk in hand, people in Siberia jump into a frozen lake, to welcome New Year. Well, it’s totally worth a shot, isn’t it?


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5) All the kids out there.. want to increase height? Jump as the Clock strikes 12:00

As the clock hits 12:00, elders in Philippines encourage children to jump as high as possible. This is done, in accordance to an age old belief which says that jumping at precisely 12:00 in the midnight helps to increase height.


6) In search of love? Wear red colour underwear

People in Latin America make the choice of their underwear, in accordance to their expectations from the coming year. While yellow underwear is worn to bring good luck and fortune, red underwear ensures luck in Love for the upcoming year.


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7) Who wants evil spirits? Participate in a bear dance to keep negative energy at bay.

People in Romania participate in a traditional New Year Bear Dance to ward off evil spirits. People parade through the streets wearing brightly coloured costumes. They sing, dance and play instruments, such as drums and panpipes.


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8) Ring bells a 108 times to bring prosperity.

The number ‘108’ has a spiritual connotation in Japan. On December 31st every year, Buddhist priests in Japan ring 107 bells. One bell, however, is rung after midnight. The aim is to overcome all the materialistic temptations, such as desire, anger and lust.

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9) Jump Seven Waves

Most Brazilians love celebrating New Year on the beach. In a traditional ritual, Brazilians make seven new year wishes with seven jumps over seven waves. Brazilians consider seven as an auspicious number. Many prefer wearing white and offer white flowers into the ocean to appeal to the Ocean Goddess.


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10) A conversation with Cow

Farmers in Belgium wish their cows ‘New Year’ because they consider it to be a good Omen. The belief is that wishing your cattle a ‘Happy New Year’ ensures financial security.


A new year, a new beginning and set of old traditions… Well, whether you follow them or not, they are still fun to read.


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