Who Said Engineering Sucks ? This Bengalurian IT Engineer Bags 1.2 Cr Package @ Google


Nowadays the Engineering sector is said to be “It Sucks !” but that is not the case of Bengaluru IIIT at least. Getting a job with a nice looking pay through grounds positions in chief designing universities crosswise over India is an incredible standard, and if the offer is from one of the world’s greatest organizations, at that point there is certainly motivation to celebrate.

In any case, 22-year-old coder Aditya Paliwal from Mumbai has set the bar high after he got an offer from Google — to work for their Artificial Intelligence (AI) look into the wing in New York at an incredible pay of Rs 1.2 crore for each annum.

Aditya completed his incorporated M.Tech course in Computer Science at the International Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore (IIIT-B) as of late. He was acquainted with coding in Class 8, however, he said that around then it was a latent intrigue. It remained so till the time he cleared his IIT-JEE and anchored a seat in IIIT-B.

“So in the wake of coming into the school, the educational modules and the earth influenced the uninvolved enthusiasm to develop into a functioning interest,” he said.

The Google offer did not come simply. He was one of the 50 finalists at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest after he beat 6,000 from understudies over the globe who cleared the starter round of the determination procedure.

Out of those 50 who found a vocation at Google’s renowned AI Research wing, five are from India, including Aditya. The opposition saw near 50,000 members from an aggregate of 111 districts and 3,098 colleges.

Clarifying the procedure, Aditya told TNM: “It’s available to all understudies over the world and you apply with your resume alongside a Statement of Purpose and a proposal letter. In light of this, they waitlist you, and there are resulting rounds of meetings and toward its finish, you land the position.”


“Normally, after a CS degree, individuals land a legitimate designing position yet this is a vocation in the examination area. So more than basic issues, it is more about endeavouring to take care of open issues and shortlisting potential future issues and discovering answers to them,” he said.

AI is likewise Aditya’s subject of the decision. “I had two or three papers and after AI came, I felt like that the field is advancing quickly and I got the certainty that with a tad of exertion in investigating we can complete significantly more later on,” he said.

Yet, as per him, his emphasis was never at work he would get toward the finish of five years, however on learning.


“I never stressed over it (landing a position) excessively. I knew I would dependably have multi-year toward the finish of the course to get ready to refocus on business tests. So the attention was for the most part on learning whatever number things as could be expected under the circumstances and meeting fascinating individuals and thoughts. The objective was to grow new interests and ace a couple,” Aditya said.

Be that as it may, even he lets it be known was somewhat of a “major ordeal” when this activity was in the domain of conceivable outcomes.

At the point when gotten some information about his present proficient objectives. Aditya stays steady on the adapting part.

“Right now, I can’t generally tell. There are dubious thoughts all over yet nothing concrete. All I need to do is take in the greatest as I can and meet the greatest number of fascinating individuals as I can,” he said.

While his folks work in their privately-owned company, his more youthful sibling is contemplating Commerce. Aditya is set to begin his profession at Google on July



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