Why We Should Start Talking About Mental Health and Bring an End To its Taboo Nature

mental health taboo

Every 1 in 5 Indians will suffer from depression in their lifetime.- yourdost.com
Yet, the lack of awareness about mental health and it’s towering taboo nature depicts where we stand as an economically developed nation.


Depression is a state where a person constantly feels dejected and negative about himself. The sorrow a person goes through directly affects his/her life. Not only this, it also affects the lives of their families and friends.
Moreover, people think of it as a ‘bad phase‘. And the severity of the issue is overlooked.

Even the person going through this state is made to feel ashamed of his condition because of the judgment his or her mental health has to offer.
What we don’t understand is that how very important it is to take it seriously!

How important it is to treat depression by professionals. Such issues are ignored and curbed from being discussed.


Similarly, another major issue of mental health is anxiety.
Yes! It’s okay to feel anxious for a class test! Also it is normal to feel anxious before boarding a flight!

But feeling sad, impatient and hysteric constantly and without any major reason isn’t normal.
Furthermore, it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost!

In the first place, our parents and friends are the ones who tend to neglect the symptoms of anxiety.
Thus, it’s high time that we understand that mental illness is real and not something to hide or be apologetic for!

In India, student suicide rate is the highest. (Also read about the suicide statistics in India)

Not understanding the root cause of the propagating problem, people in our country commonly blame the victim. And believe that if we openly start talking about it, it might influence others to do the same!
Unusual. Isn’t it?


The pressure is going to increase. And the competition will grow endlessly.

In such situations what we need to do is understand and concentrate on why such things are happening.

Even today children are afraid of talking about their mental health. Not only to their parents but also their teachers and friends. Because we’ve been brought up like that.
We’ve been structured to presume that any unsoundness except physical health is wrong or appeals a judgment.
Because it’s not cliched to talk about our mental health in public right?

It is better to hide it and suppress the issue eventually.

Although the times are changing and people are getting motivated to come out and talk about their fears and thoughts. Yet, there remains a taboo towards the subject. Mental health issues have become more of guilty secrets than a disability that needs attention and care.

“You cannot recover from anxiety by just staying calm. You cannot recover from depression by just being positive. You cannot recover from anorexia nervosa by just eating more. If mental illnesses were that simple we wouldn’t be struggling in the first place.”


India is staring at a mental health epidemic, says President Ram Nath Kovind. The youth is the most vulnerable to mental illness, the magnitude of suicides taking place each day is surging.

India is facing a mental health crisis.

Which also brings to light our education system and its shortcomings. Majorly, most of the illnesses remain undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed. And this has a direct implication on the dearth of required medical assistance. (Also read about the Present Education system in India)

How can we help them get out of it?

If you have someone in your family whom you think is suffering from a mental illness. Or any close friend or relative, you can do the following to ensure they lead a happy and healthy life.

  • TALK. TALK. TALK. Because allowing a sufferer to share their thoughts makes their fight much easier.
  • Initiate medical help. Letting the person endure the grief isn’t the solution. Seek professional help and medication.
  • Involve them in exciting activities and try to be outdoors.
  • Depression is a struggle which requires a person to stay motivated. MOTIVATE them. Encourage them. Forgive them!
  • Give them hope and help them stay positive. Positivity is the key.
  • The most important thing is to inspire them to share their feelings with others and strengthen them.
  • Assure them that time heals everything.
  • Online sites like YourDost.com also provides assistance for mental illness.

To the people going through it: Here is a note for you-

Equally important, the people who are going through this today, will emerge as the heroes of their life tomorrow.
Just never lose your calm and always consider yourselves to be the strongest. Because you are the strongest, indeed.
Not to mention, it might seem to be the toughest time of your life, but have faith in yourself. Things get better. Also, you will get better.
Of course, love yourself! You are stronger than you think.

Why We Should Start Talking About Mental Health and its Taboo Nature
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Why We Should Start Talking About Mental Health and its Taboo Nature
Feeling anxious and depressed? And not talking about it? Little do we realize the significance of mental health and how it affects our day to day activities. With its revolving taboo nature in our country, we tell you about the importance of opening up about mental well being and its role in our lives.
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