After Meeting Kim Jong Why Trump Took A Jibe At Barack Obama ?


Following 65 long years of noteworthy rivalry, the meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korea President Kim Jong ended with the quiet closure of the convention of Cold War. Depicting this as an extraordinary accomplishment, Donald Trump said that now the whole world will be eased of the peace in light of the fact that the risk of war is finished.

Trump tweeted that “I have come back to the United States after an incredible gathering with Kim Jong, in Singapore. It was a long adventure yet now the world is feeling more secure than at any other time.”

Alternate foes who undermined each other at the atomic war were seen smiling at each other in Singapore’s Santosa Island, the way they were discussing the matters with each other, subsequent to seeing a look at their new fellowship, the entire world was dazed.

                Trump -Kim Jong shakings hand after the historic meet at Singapore

Amid the gathering, Donald Trump said that ideally both of us will be great. In the wake of overlooking all that we will advance. Our gathering was notable During this time Kim Jong said that it was difficult to reach here. We have overlooked everything and have met here. North Korea will soon wreck atomic weapons.


The date was 02 August 2017, In his most grounded feedback yet of the Republican presidential candidate, the president approached Republican pioneers to reclaim their help of Trump. This is where Trump-Obama war started out and just after 1 year, Trump hit back in his very own classical style.

Presently on this notable accomplishment, Trump took a jibe at previous President Barack Obama and commented on his fear. In another tweet, Trump said that ‘The discussion with Kim was to a great degree effective and positive. After my swearing, everybody felt that our nation would battle with North Korea. Previous President Barack Obama constantly communicated worry that North Korea is the most peril and issue for America. Presently it isn’t along these lines, rest calmly! ‘


In the third year, Trump has constrained North Korea to make atomic demobilization, ended up being the most grounded in the worldwide stage and to demonstrate that it is against its vocal rival Nobel Prize champ Barack Obama on this issue. There was a chance to investigate which he liquidated great and claim to expel his dread, dozing in peace Advice cast likewise, beyond any doubt that Trump’s assaults!


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