Akhilesh Yadav Attacks On Modi But Silent On Third Front Formula

Akhilesh Yadav Silent

Akhilesh Yadav Silent ! Yesterday on a prime news channel we saw nation’s biggest state- Uttar Pradesh’s opposition head Mr Akhilesh Yadav, the Samajwadi Party head who is going to attend the swearing ceremony of Congress-JDS government headed by the new CM HD Kumaraswamy in Karnataka from where he apparently did his engineering also. While Akhilesh was aggressive towards the BJP led central government he did not disclose his cards and went silent towards the formula of a probable and exclusive “Third Front” to stop PM Modi wave in the 2019 LokSabha Elections. Here are the highlights of this important interview and it’s rooted analysis to tell you it’s role of importance:-

BJP Ruined Youth’s Dreams, Farmers Are Dying, Public is in Anger Mood

Akhilesh SAID – I would like to ask where are the 15 lakh rupees that BJP said to transfer in everyone’s account? Where is the money in Jan-Dhan account? Which startup got started in Uttar Pradesh under Startup India? At least let me know because being CM our Samajwaadi Sarkaar had opened up the most bank accounts apart from the central government scheme which is evident but the credit was taken by them. There is no job creation in any sector which has forced the youth to do protests and I am afraid that due to the Notebandi and GST there shall be a generation which will be totally unemployed.

Yesterday only I went to Mahoba just to see that 40 farmers committed suicide because of their debts not being paid off by the government. Businesses are getting closed due to the GST which has made the public depressed and they have shown their hostility towards the government by making them lose Gorakhpur-Phoolpur seats in LokSabha by-elections.


WHY is It then that SP has to look for allies to fight BJP?

When the anchor Romana Isar Khan asked Akhilesh as to why is the biggest opposition party in the state SP has to join hands with once enemy BSP along with RLD, Congress to face up the BJP in coming elections, Akhilesh not answering but twisting the byte says that he doesn’t know big things but rather understands small things which is that “people are not happy with BJP” . She further asks him as to how will be the leader of the third front and is there a possibility that a front like this will be formed Akhilesh diplomatically said that let all parties win in their respective states then only anything can be said.

What About Rahul Gandhi’s Prime Minister Contendership?

Akhilesh this time rather became loose instead of shrewd by stating that he cannot find out what is happening out in the country but he knows that of Uttar Pradesh that there is an anti-BJP atmosphere and we will ignite it further. On Rahul Gandhi’s Contendership he said that it is good he declared himself as the candidate but for that to happen numbers are to be their with the opposition thus Akhilesh was neutral on this question.


Why Is He Going to Karnataka?

Akhilesh SAID- – I was a student of engineering in Karnataka, my friends live their and above all my father and party has good relations with JDS as my father was in the cabinet of HD Deve Gowda who was the Prime Minister of India. So I am not getting into the petty things as who went and why etc.




Mr Akhilesh Yadav in a deliberate attempt to act like a cunning opposition totally exposed himself by being silent on the third front, being neutral on RaGa prime minister candidate declaration by saying that let that happens, let their be number in our favours so It is quite obvious that Mr Yadav will not disclose his cards until LokSabha elections as declaring a pre-poll alliance with Congress might once give him a setback as happened back in 2017 which made him lose power as he knows perfectly that in order to be the face of a third front you need the most seats for which Uttar Pradesh is the only key where he resides . So only time will tell how Akhilesh shall present himself in LokSabha elections by concentrating entirely on the UP and eyeing the whole country or will talk to his father Mr Mulayam Singh once and just for the things to fall into pieces. SP is thus unpredictable as always!




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