Center Agrees Setting Special Courts For Political Class Cases

Can Center Fight Corruption ?

In a sworn statement recorded in the Supreme Court, the Center said a plan has been encircled for setting up these courts to arrange off bodies of evidence against political people.



  • The plan for a one-year time span will include a use of Rs 7.80 crore.
  • The Center on Tuesday educated the Supreme Court that it has chosen to set up 12 unique courts to bargain solely with criminal bodies of evidence against legislators and lawmakers.
  • “On December 2, the Finance Ministry’s Department of Expenditure have on a basic level endorsement for the same,” the Center said because of a 2014 court course to set up uncommon courts to only deal with the criminal bodies of evidence against officials and government officials so trials are facilitated and finished in one year.
  • The best court gave the bearings on November 1 on an open intrigue prosecution by the legal counsellor and BJP pioneer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay who looked for a lifetime prohibition on sentenced administrators and setting up of unique courts for attempting officials blamed for criminal offences.
  • The court had guided the administration to outline a plan for setting up such courts only to manage criminal cases including political people on the lines of the most optimized plan of attack courts which were set up for a time of five years which was later broadened, however, the plan now stands ended.
  • The Center told the summit court that it had acquired from an NGO a figure of 1,581 criminal bodies of evidence pending against legislators and government officials. Nonetheless, it stated, the NGO was not ready to give subtle elements of the courts previously which these cases are pending.
  • The Center said it has through a December 8 correspondence to state Chief Secretaries, Secretaries of state congregations and General Secretaries of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha looked for data on such cases and their statuses.
  • The Center has looked for more opportunity to gather, order and place the important data under the watchful eye of the pinnacle court.



  • The Center said this in light of a court inquiry regarding what number of these cases have been arranged off inside a year (as coordinated by the best court through a March 10, 2014, arrange).
  • “What number of the 1,581 cases including Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and Members of Parliament (MPs) (as proclaimed at the season of documenting of assignment papers for the 2014 general races) have been arranged inside the time span of one year,” the Supreme Court looked to know by its November 1 bearing.
  • The court additionally looked for subtle elements on what number of these chose cases finished in quittances or conviction of MPs and MLAs, all things considered, while likewise calling for points of interest of new criminal bodies of evidence recorded since 2014 against legislators/administrators, phases of trial and result in the event that trials had closed.



It is indeed a tight slap in the face of Modi haters just on the last day of decisive Gujarat Elections and we are sure that even after this the questions will be raised as to whether a political will led implementation of this sworn statement via court is done or this also turns out a “jumla”


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