CIA Releases Files Of  “Assassinated” President Kennedy


Another bunch of documents, for the most part, mystery CIA records, identified with the November 1963 death of US president John F Kennedy was discharged by the National Archives on Friday.

About 680 records were made open including 553 at no other time seen documents from the Central Intelligence Agency, which had protested their discharge already on national security grounds.

Among the CIA documents discharged was point by point records, for instance, or endeavours to enlist Soviet representatives serving in outside missions, finish with transcripts of wiretaps.

The National Archives said alternate reports distributed online were from the Justice Department, the Defense Department and a House board of trustees which directed an investigation into Kennedy’s November 22, 1963, death in Dallas, Texas.

The official Warren Commission which explored the killing of the appealing 46-year-old president discovered that it was done by a previous Marine Corps sharpshooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone.

The commission’s formal decision that Oswald executed Kennedy has done nearly nothing, in any case, to subdue hypothesis that a more evil plot was behind the murder of the 35th US president.

Many books and motion pictures, for example, the 1991 Oliver Stone film “JFK” have nourished the scheme business, blaming Cold War equals the Soviet Union or Cuba, the Mafia and even Kennedy’s VP, Lyndon Johnson.

Kennedy researchers have said the new reports are probably not going to contain any sensation disclosures or put to rest the wild paranoid ideas.

Friday’s record discharge by the National Archives is the third this year and inconsistency with a 1992 demonstration of Congress that ordered that all Kennedy reports be discharged inside 25 years.

President Donald Trump has given the FBI and CIA a half year until April 26, 2018, to present their defence for why remaining archives ought not to be made open.

The National Archives discharged 2,891 death reports on October 26 and 3,810 records on July 24.

Oswald abandoned to the Soviet Union in 1959, however, came back to the United States in 1962.

He was shot to death two days subsequent to killing Kennedy by a dance club proprietor, Jack Ruby, as he was being exchanged from the city imprison.



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