Elphinstone Railway Station Stampede : The Full Story


Today ’s stampede in one of the most busiest railway stations  of  Mumbai that too on the launch ceremony of 100 new locals by new minister Piyush Goel has strongly embarrassed the government , made the people furious and given opposition the support they needed for tackling the government . The major issue of overpopulation and infrastructure again going into shadows over nonsense debates rather than finding solutions of the problem. By the problem well the over bridge was allowed by none other than former  railway minister  Suresh Prabhu!

What happened actually here is the full story of Elphinstone Railway  Station Stampede :


It was raining in Mumbai since morning. When it rains vigorously in Mumbai, it brings back the old dread. Toward the beginning of today observed another disaster in Mumbai when it was raining intensely.

No less than 22 individuals were killed and a few harmed in a surge hour rush on a foot over-connect (FOB) connecting Elphinstone Road and Parel rural railroad stations in Mumbai at the beginning of today.

It resembled some other day at the foot-connect, whose wellbeing has not been great. Workers had been griping about the upkeep of the foot over-connect. Amid downpours, the foot over-scaffold and stairs were typically splashed and tricky.

At around 10:40 today, when the occurrence occurred the foot over-connect was intensely swarmed. Individuals were remaining on the stairs and on the foot over-connect sitting tight for the downpours to stop. Be that as it may, in the then, an ever increasing number of individuals continued going to the foot over-connect in trains after trains. Several workers continued heaping on while none appeared to leave the Elphinstone Road station or the foot over-connect that associated Parel rural railroad station.

All of a sudden a lady remaining in the front line slipped on the rain-splashed stairs. Three-four others suburbanites likewise slipped and it at that point prompted commotion at the foot over-extension and afterward at real part of the Elphinstone Road station. Before long, there was a rush at Elphinstone Road station bringing about more than 20 passings and more than 30 harmed.



Police speculate that a short out with a noisy sound close to the foot over-connect made frenzy causing the initial couple of casualties slip causing caution and individuals began running as though to get away from some cataclysm.

After the rush, it became known that the Former Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu had guaranteed a Shiv Sena MP a year ago that a more extensive scaffold would be worked in its place.

In a letter dated February 20, 2016, Prabhu had kept in touch with Sena MP from Mumbai Arvind Sawant that the “development of 12 meter wide new foot overbridge at Elphinstone Road was under the positive thought of Railway Ministry.”

Development of the new scaffold, associating Western Railway and Central Railway after augmentation of Platform No 1 and 2 towards north side by 100 meters, was under “positive thought” of the Ministry.

Railroad Minister Piyush Goyal has said that most passings have happened because of suffocation and inner wounds. He said – “We will arrange largest amount of inquiry under Chief Safety Officer. There will be a limit and well being review of stations. We will give more significance to well being now,”

Railroad Minister Piyush Goyal has gone by the KEM Hospital.

“It is pitiful that such an episode happened today,” he said subsequent to going to the casualties.

Addressing the media, Goyal said that the railroads will extend the fundamental segments of the foot over extension at the earliest opportunity.

Goyal has declared Rs 5 lakh to the groups of individuals who have kicked the bucket in the present rush.

The Congress had a attacking reason due to this accident and stated that this government doesn’t know the price of the lives of the people and as if they always valued the lives during their regime.


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