Hafeez Saeed Not A Terrorist For Pakistan


For those who were thinking that Pakistan will or has changed after seeing the destruction, it has gone through by petting “poisonous terrorist snakes” like Hafeez Saeed Ji (as quoted by Diggi Raja also known as Digvijay Singh of Congress Party), Salahuddin etc. must have a got big setback or rather a slap on their “secular hope” that they Pakistan will improve because for it Hafeez Saeed is not a terrorist! Yes! as shocking it may be to read but in the end is official after the news broke out that the Punjab (Pak) government has withdrawn the request for the extension house arrest of Saeed and his partners.


Here is the full story

The Punjab government on Saturday pulled back a demand looking for an augmentation in the house capture of Jamaatud Dawa (JUD) boss Hafiz Saeed and four of his partners under the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997.

In any case, they will stay under house capture under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO). The Federal Review Board discarded the use of the Punjab Home Department after its withdrawal.

On Saturday, Abdul Rehman Makki, Qazi Kashif Hussain, Abdullah Ubaid and Malik Zafar Iqbal were created before the board under tight security. Nonetheless, Hafiz Saeed was not brought before the board.

The board included three judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan at the Lahore Registry. It was going by Justice Ijaz Afzal Khan. An area officer of the Home Department showed up before the board and asked for in the interest of the legislature to pull back its application for expansion in the detainment time of the JuD pioneers under the Anti-Terrorism Act. The board permitted the demand.

Hafiz Saeed and his helpers have just tested their detainment under the Maintenance of Public Order.

Justice Sayyed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi is hearing the appeal. On October 13, he had permitted the central government’s demand to hold in-camera continuing on the prisoners’ application. On Saturday, the board likewise expanded confinement of 50 outside residents kept for damaging Foreign Act and 10 local people captured under the Protection of Pakistan Act.



Pakistan is only making it worse for itself as one side India has boycotted it diplomatically on national and international level leaving aside sports which hardly plays any role (although Pak will lose) and on the other side anti-Islamist US President Donald Trump is making strong comments against Pakistan and North Korea which ultimately leave Pakistan out of support and it will have to seek shelter to China and we all know what China does with it’s allies, “eating them out ” so if as we say you can’t self-destructive people that is the case of Pakistan in the form of a nation .


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