Adieu Meat Shops in Gurugram? Wait what?


In an official statement released on Sunday (October 8), Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that “No Licenses will be given to set up new meat shops in residential areas of Gurugram. The term ‘residential area’ will be decided as per the master plan.(Source) However, 21 conditions have been set up by the municipal body get a license. (source)The decision comes immediately after the Chief Minister’s monthly meeting with District Grievance Committee.

The ban, it is speculated, comes after the workers of Shiv Sena and Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Kranti Dal had ‘requested’ for the closure of meat shops in Gurugram, either permanently or temporarily during festivals.(source)

Earlier this year in March, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Adityanath Yogi had imposed a ban on illegal meat shops and smuggling of cows in the state. The move had affected approximately 25 lakh people directly or indirectly and the meat shop owners had gone on an indefinite strike. The decision had sparked violence and meat shops were burnt down in a few areas.(source)

Following the footsteps of his UP counterpart, Manohar Lal Khattar had initiated a ban on illegal slaughter houses in May that led to the closure of approximately 666 meat shops and had affected livelihoods of various people.**

During the nine day Navratri festival this year, Shiv Sena, infamous for its right wing ideologies, had forced shut various meat shops in Gurugram. Its members had reasoned that selling non-vegetarian food during festivities ‘hurts the sentiments of Hindus’.
“50% of shops in Old Gurugram were already closed, those open were made to close by us” said Ritu Raj, Shivsena Spokesperson of Gurugram.

At a time when saffronisation of nation is in the making, there is a need to question every act that favors a particular religion. In the wake of recent events, it is very important to know whether the decisions taken by our representatives are actually for the betterment of the society or rather for the fulfillment of individual political goals.



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