No-Confidence Motion Against Modi Government, voting on Friday. Required Numbers Secure, says NDA!


The Monsoon session of the Parliament began on Wednesday, 18th July, with the Hon’ble Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Sumitra Mahajan, admitting a No-Confidence Motion against the NDA government.The motion will be put to vote on Friday.


The motion was moved by Kesineni Srinivas, the Telegu Desam Party MP from Vijaywada. The TDP has been in a protest mode ever since the Budget Session 2018 failed to fulfill it’s demand for a special package for Andhra Pradesh.

The working of the Budget session had been disrupted due to the continuous recourse to extra-parliamentary methods of protest by the TDP and the YSR Congress party. The TDP had then moved out of the Modi-Cabinet, and subsequently had also withdrawn from the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance. The Congress, along with all the other Opposition parties had found in this the opportunity to question the government and has been in active support of the TDP.
Mr. Srinivas believes, “No-Confidence motion is the starting point of their downfall”.


In the House with an effective strength of 535 MPs, the BJP is claiming that it will receive the support of as many as 314 MPs, which is way ahead of the majority mark of 268.
While BJP alone has 274 MPs in the Lok Sabha, the NDA is also expecting support from small parties like PMK and Swabhimani Paksha, which are former members of the NDA alliance.

UPA Chairperson and senior Congress member Sonia Gandhi, when questioned about their numerical shortfall, gave a very imprecise and vague reply, “ Who says we don’t have the numbers?”
The Congress Party, the BJP, the TMC and the TDP have all issued three-line whips to their MPs to be present during the discussion and voting on Friday, and to vote according to the Party’s instructions. The NDA has also asked it’s allies to issue similar whips.


• Even if the motion fails, the fact that there is dissatisfaction with the government needs to be acknowledged. This is a way of conveying to the government, that since there is a substantial amount of dissatisfaction, it must address the issue and be more careful in it’s future endeavours.
• The essence of a democracy lies in it’s ability to accomodate differences. Hence, this move must also be appreciated with regard to the democratic principles that the Opposition has finally adopted!
In the Budget session 2018, the Opposition had taken recourse to extra-parliamentary protest measures and had not allowed the official proceedings to take place. The obstructionist methods had wasted the entire month of March, and ultimately the Annual Budget 2018 had to be passed without the House having discussed the clauses, i.e. it was passed by applying the guillotine process.
Hence, instead of allowing another session to get wasted, the No-confidence motion will hopefully ensure that the results are accepted and there is no further draining of time and resources.

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No-Confidence Motion Against Modi Government, voting on Friday!
TDP had moved a No-Confidence motion against the BJP-led NDA government. Hon'ble Speaker has admitted the motion, which will now be discussed on Friday.
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