PIL For Hindu “Minority” Status


Hindus may be the minority but for a good reason thanks to Mr PIL Ashwani Upadhyay, founding member of AAP (Aam Admi Party) and now leader of BJP in New Delhi.┬áHe is famous making such PIL which often make get scolded or even penalised but this time he may have hit the right point by raising the topic of “minority status based on state population and not at the national level” which is least talked logical debate topic.

Let us see what the PIL holds in –

An open intrigue case has been documented in the Supreme Court looking for minority status for Hindus in eight states. The PIL states that Hindus must be advised as minority group in these eight states with the goal that they are given true blue advantages

“As indicated by 2011 Census, Hindus are minority in eight states i.e. Lakshadweep (2.5%), Mizoram (2.75%), Nagaland (8.75%), Meghalaya (11.53%), J&K (28.44%), Arunachal Pradesh (29%), Manipur (31.39%) and Punjab (38.40%),” the PIL states.

It likewise includes that the minority privileges of Hindus in these states are being “redirected wrongfully and self-assertively to the dominant part populace on the grounds that neither Central nor the state governments have advised Hindus as a ‘minority’ under Section 2(c) of National Commission for Minority Act. Along these lines, Hindus are being denied their fundamental rights, ensured under Articles 25 to 30.”

The request of has been recorded by Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pioneer and backer Ashwani Kumar Upadhyay.

The PIL includes that Muslims are larger part in Lakshadweep (96.20%) and Jammu and Kashmir (68.30%) and there is noteworthy populace in Assam (34.20%), West Bengal (27.5%), Kerala (26.60%), Uttar Pradesh (19.30%) and Bihar (18%) yet they are appreciating the ‘minority’ status, and the groups which are genuine minorities, are not getting their authentic offer.

“Christians are dominant part in Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland and there is huge populace in Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Manipur, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, however, they are dealt with a minority. In like manner, Sikhs are lion’s share in Punjab and there is noteworthy populace in Delhi, Chandigarh and Haryana yet they are additionally regarded as the minority,” he said.


This may be illogical for the pseudo-liberal and anti-theist lobby of India but for all the real god believing Hindus this is the time to realise and raise their voice for their rights before becoming an absolute minority in their homeland!


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