Rahul Gandhi ‘s “Shah” Dig At Modi


Rahul Gandhi who is popularly known as “Rahul Baba” currently the vice president of Indian National Congress and soon to be the king (party president) seems to get a makeover and finally seems to understand the use of “social media politics” (although it may be doubtful whether he tweets or someone else) has attacked Narendra Modi via his right hand BJP Chief Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah  who is currently having a legal fight against the “free” media advocate news portal the Wire against a so-called expose news story which was allegedly published even after being given the documents and all the information related to the business accounts, as stated by Jay Shah but it was published on the ground told by the news portal led by Siddarth Varadarajan also known as “Vardha Bhai ” that they had proper proof and thus they had the base to publish . The case is in the court but the political is out thanks to Rahul Baba who is saving his brother-in-law Robert Vadra by naming Jay Shah.


Here is the full excerpt –


Rahul returned on Twitter today with his thorn in Hindi:  (English)-Mitron, I will neither talk nor let anybody talk on Shah-Zada).”


While Shah-Zada is Rahul attempting to turn the tables on the BJP, which by chance dependably alluded to the Congress pioneer as ‘shahzada’ (sovereign), a reference to ‘mitron’ (companions) was a gather surrender given that it is Modi’s most loved method for tending to individuals in his talks.


With his tweet today, Rahul had likewise posted an Indian Express story, which discussed an Ahmedabad court banning The Wire news entrance from distributing any further provide details regarding Jay Shah to ensure “his entitlement to live with pride”.


The Ahmedabad court arrange took after Jay Shah suing The Wire, its journalist Rohini Singh, and its proprietors cum-editors Sidharth Varadarajan and Sidharth Bhatia for their October 8 story. In a disputable choice, the Center has likewise permitted Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta to speak to Shah for the situation.


A week ago, Rahul Gandhi had attacked the BJP over the focal government stretching out legitimate help to Amit Shah’s child in the maligning body of evidence he has documented against The Wire. “State legitimate help for Shah-Zada! Why this, why this Kolaveri Da ?” he tweeted.


Rahul Gandhi and the Congress have mounted a full-scale assault against Shah and Modi over Jay Shah’s budgetary dealings. They have over and over scrutinized the Prime Minister’s “quiet” on the issue. The party has likewise requested Shah’s sacking and a test by two Supreme Court judges into the whole scene.



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