Rohingya Crisis : Letter Brigade This Time


What is wrong in the country at the moment? Have the pacificists, pseudo-liberals and selective humanists taken over? We can never forget the deliberate attempt by the “Award Waapsi” brigade to try to enforce a delusional atmosphere of “intolerance” after the killings of Govind Pansare, M.M Kulbargi for the sake of their anti -Modi propaganda which only created a ridiculous hype for a debate wasting everyone’s time in the end in which the lutein media (anti-Modi) played the leading role but the people knew of their motives and thrased them away and this time on the issue of Rohingya crisis they have returned with the “letter brigade” which disguising in the name of humanity (fake) have written letters through 51 eminent personalities to Prime Minister Modi in the case which is already in the Supreme Court who has apparently advised the government to provide help to minors and women.


Here is the full story

Fifty-one personalities have met up to speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to not coercively send back Rohingya outcasts to viciousness hit Rakhine state in Myanmar. In an open letter to Modi, the signatories have requested that India attempt and stop the abuse did by security powers in Myanmar.

The signatories to the letter incorporate Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, previous Union clergyman P Chidambaram, scholarly Nivedita Menon, previous Home Secretary GK Pillai, on-screen character Swara Bhaskar, activists Teesta Setalvad and Harsh Mander, author Anil Dharmedia media tycoon Pritish Nandy, lobbyist and activist Yogendra Yadav and columnists Sagarika Ghose and Karan Thapar, among others.

The signatories said it would be against India’s helpful standards and its commitments under the global law to oust the shelter searchers and evacuees at present living in India. “When the Rakhine State is truly consuming, more pressing and prompt advances are expected to stem the present flood of viciousness,” the letter read. Until the brutality, gang rapes and fire-related crime against the Rohingyas arrive at an end in Myanmar, they appreciate the privilege to remain in India, as indicated by global law, the letter said.

“India’s legitimization to oust the Rohingya is prefaced on the false suspicion that all Rohingya individuals introduce a potential danger to the national security. This is just not the situation, and the confirmation to help these attestations have not been held up,” it said.

The signatories additionally said the answer to the emergency does not lie in the expelling of the exiles, but rather incompletion the state-drove savagery in Rakhine state. “India’s validity as a net security supplier for our neighbors in the locale would be seriously traded off on the off chance that we neglect to follow up in the interest of our more extensive interests in the district,” it included.




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