RSS Attacks Rahul Gandhi


Following the “RSS is anti-woman” statement by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi also known as Rahul Baba. The RSS has strongly attacked the Rahul Gandhi for his ignorance and loose talk attitude.

The Rashtriya Swyam Sevak Sangh, BJP s parent organisation and mentor advised Rahul Baba to think with respect to his party and not to worry about Sangh.

The RSS was responding to Rahul Gandhi’s remark given amid his collaboration with a get-together of understudies in Gujarat as of late inquiring as to whether they have seen ladies in shorts in “shakhas” or RSS branches.

Rahul Gandhi’s speech specialist ought to guarantee that he learnt about RSS extremely well. RSS is a social association working for human advancement. Rahul Gandhi ought not to see his opponent in the RSS. He should see his rival in the BJP.

Rahul Gandhi should consider Congress and not make a fuss over RSS”, national representative of RSS Manmohan Vaidya told reporters. He was informing newsmen on the three-day national official meeting of RSS, booked to start here on Thursday.

“The individuals who don’t comprehend RSS, give such pointless remarks”, Mr Vaidya said.

Without taking names, Mr Vaidy reminded Mr Gandhi that the last’s dad and grandma had made a decent attempt to debilitate RSS amid their tenets, yet RSS kept on extending.

“Rahul Gandhi should watch ladies’ hockey coordinate”, Mr Vaidya commented. BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya additionally took the solid special case to the remark by  Gandhi on RSS, portraying it “inept”. “I would prefer not to utilize the word, however, I don’t locate a reasonable word other than ‘inept’ to depict Rahul Gandhi’s remark”, he included.


Rahul Gandhi after facing a court trial for his infamous and sensational statement earlier accusing RSS of killing Mahatma Gandhi does not seem to learn from the mistaking incident and because Congress is on the verge of a crushing defeat in Gujarat and he does not have anything to offer not plate so just to maintain a fake hype he depicting his “anti-RSS image” thanks to his knowledge he could know that RSS founder KB Hedgewar was from Congress only but that is Rahul Baba just going his way and getting himself ready for yet another holiday in foreign after the loss which he will see soon.




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